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sales weekly meeting agenda template is a sales weekly meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on sales weekly meeting agenda design and format. when designing sales weekly meeting agenda example, it is important to consider sales weekly meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. sales meetings vary in their objectives and focus, so the type of agenda template you need will depend on the nature of the meeting. the agenda for your weekly sales meetings may include sales updates from each team member, a review of the weekly sales numbers, and discussions on how to overcome current obstacles. as the name indicates, a sales technology and tools meeting focuses on equipping the team with the right technology and tools. in a sales review and feedback meeting, the team retrospectively reviews successes and areas for improvement.

sales weekly meeting agenda overview

a product/service launch discussion helps ensure that the ceo and sales manager are aligned on the go-to-market strategy whenever a new product or service is ready for launch. the sales manager presents the issue, its impact, and proposed solutions. regularly collect feedback on your meetings’ effectiveness, and adjust or fine-tune your agenda templates as needed so that the meeting processes you use remain relevant and valuable to all participants. to schedule meetings at the best times for all participants and keep agenda time allocations on track, consider using motion’s intelligent online calendar and meeting assistant.

on my team, the overarching question for these meetings is, “how can you progress each deal as quickly as possible and stay on track towards your goal?” so, during our meetings, i ask my representatives about the number of emails and calls they’ve logged since our last meeting. for most sales teams, weekly sales meetings are a place to discuss current sales deals, targets, and projects. your sales meeting agenda should help your team set goals and plan for the week. you can use a meeting agenda template to outline these goals and share it with your team beforehand, so everyone’s on the same page about what to expect in a meeting.

sales weekly meeting agenda format

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here are some meeting norms and expectations that may be helpful for your sales team: we’ve all attended meetings that have gone off the rails a bit. if you want to keep things on track, have a facilitator oversee your meetings to ensure your representatives remain focused and discuss the agenda items. during meetings, ask your team members about their performance and the team’s overall performance. you need to understand what you need to say, fold that into your agenda, and be prepared to keep your discussion both concise and informational. try to frontload the key aspects of your agenda and let the less important elements fall back a bit. so follow these tips to keep your meetings short and productive.

this is a regularly scheduled meeting that the sales manager should conduct with their sales team. the agenda also provides a level of predictability that allows the sales manager and the sales reps to prepare for the meetings. you should conduct weekly one-on-one meetings with each of your sales reps to keep up with their sales activities and to strengthen your relationship. you should start the one-on-one meeting with a quick check-in to see how your sales rep is doing personally and professionally. ask your sales rep to discuss their top opportunities, the associated sales strategy, and the next steps.

at a high level, the meeting should focus on (1) what you expect your team to achieve and (2) how your team will achieve these goals. note: separate from your annual meeting, you should schedule time with each team member to review their individual yearly sales goals and collaborate on how to best achieve these goals. you should plan to review this presentation with your team shortly after the sales meeting to reinforce the annual plan you developed with your team. at the beginning of each new quarter, lead a 1-hour meeting with your team to review the prior quarter’s performance and progress on the strategies your team developed at the annual meeting. sales meetings should be a high priority for you and your team since they are one of the best ways to keep your sales team on track.