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working group agenda template is a working group agenda sample that gives infomration on working group agenda design and format. when designing working group agenda example, it is important to consider working group agenda template style, design, color and theme. i’ve been doing a bunch of training on how to run working groups so that the folks i work with at various companies can also use this as a tool when i’m not around. also check out my post on how to facilitate a working group meeting, with plenty of tips on what to do once you’re in the room together! the outcome of a working group, how quickly you get to it, and how inclusive it is all depends on your ground rules and your attendees. that’s why being a subject matter expert is just one of five bullets; take a look around at who is modeling the behavior that you want everyone in your organization to emulate. your working group might meet forever and ever, but i recommend first developing a statement about the deliverable or goal of your working group, and use that as a soft dissolution point. in other words, how will you know when this working group should end?

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what will you do during each meeting, and what will you need participants to do between each meeting? here’s an example agenda arc from the architecture principles working group i ran at meetup: and yes, we really did ship the list of architecture principles in just five weeks. it’s better to have an extra week of conference room booked than to go without it and suddenly need to scramble for a room. you’re probably working on delivering something that will affect a large group of people, and they won’t want to be surprised by it. each week you have the working group meeting, send another update on what happened, what the next steps are, and actionable things that are relevant to them. once the whole working group has shipped something big, communicate that in multiple mediums: all hands meeting, an email, etc.

the goal is to have everyone bring in their unique expertise and knowledge so that together, they can develop a solution that fits your needs and the needs of those who signed up for it. i set up a working group to review the challenges and help devise solutions. the ability to harness the expertise, knowledge, and unique viewpoints of leaders from varying backgrounds has proven to be the key to how to run a successful working group. they understand that the power of a good leader resides not in their abilities but in integrating and maximizing diverse ideas and solutions—diversity of ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds is critical to how to run a successful working group. here are a few steps to ensure you make a great impression and adequately prepare to lead this diverse group of leaders.

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my organization uses outlook, so it is pretty easy to set up a meeting, complete with calendar invites and tracking for attendees. every working group is different but below are a few pointers for running the working group. for those interested in further exploring the concepts related to teams and running successful working groups, i recommend the following books as a starting point. using the steps outlined above, leaders will be better prepared to organize and lead a diverse team and master how to run a successful working group. i love anything to do with technology, star trek (especially the next generation), and i’ve recently begun collecting comics (at the age of 40!).

a facilitator is responsible for running meetings and supporting the operational efficiency and success of a working group. the e-group sponsor is responsible for helping the working group dri to obtain funding needed for working group success. alternatively, you may be part of a project in which new deliverables are being reviewed daily and fast decisions have to be made. working groups should have a page in the handbook in the current working-groups folder and added to the list of active working groups below.

as work is being fleshed out and sub-projects are identified, some issues should be promoted to epics to group other issues that are part of the same sub-project. any material changes to the direction or plan for the working group should be put into the handbook page created, but general status and updates can be kept in the epic. when a working group forms, it is important to build trust amongst the team members. to highlight a few modifications to the process above: if you are interested in participating in an active working group, it is generally recommended that you first communicate with your manager and the facilitator and/or lead of the working group.