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union meeting template is a union meeting sample that gives infomration on union meeting design and format. when designing union meeting example, it is important to consider union meeting template style, design, color and theme. ralph and the other officers of the union were trying to figure out why fewer and fewer members came to the regular monthly meetings. everybody was talking about different things, so nothing ever got settled.’ there’s got to be a better way to run a meeting.” sarah said, “you know, there’s that part of the leadership guide that talks about how to run orderly meetings. ue has developed a standard agenda for union meetings, which is at the end of most ue local constitutions. ue also recognizes that meeting rules have to be flexible and the agenda adaptable to the situation in order to keep the members coming to meetings. this shouldn’t be one of the items that is dropped because of pressing business. a meeting can be smoothly run without the chairperson announcing, “we are going to follow robert’s rules of order.” the chairperson can take a vote asking the disrupter to be quiet or leave the meeting.

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if it appears that there is not much business to be done at a meeting, think about inviting in a speaker to briefly address an issue, like some pending legislation that the members should know about. the basic idea is for everyone to have their say, without anyone dominating the meeting. people must stick to the issue that is being discussed. if the discussion is on whether to arbitrate a grievance, then joe can be ruled out of order if he starts talking about when the negotiating committee should be elected. doing so has the advantage of allowing members to join from anywhere and removes the challenge of finding a meeting space for locals that don’t have their own hall. ue makes electronic versions of our educational materials available to other workers and trade unions free of charge, in the interest of promoting democratic, rank-and-file trade unionism. we retain copyright ownership, and the right to prevent reuse in any way that harms the interests of workers, the labor movement, or the ue. but you – and the people you work with – can change this.

these chairs are for the representatives of the different parties and the person who is going to chair the meeting. 3. now divide the participants into two groups in a ratio of 2:1.  the smaller group are the employers and the larger group are the employees and their trade union representatives. both groups should then: • elaborate a new proposal to be presented at the meeting. • the right to belong to a trade union is a recognised human right. • do any of the participants belong to trade unions?

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union meeting guide

if, during the discussions, employees and the trade union are thinking of backing up their proposal with a strike, you could supply them with paper and pens to make posters for the picket. organise a lockout, make sure you have another room for the workers to go to! on 23 march 2010 the ituc launched a campaign to connect global trade union work to the recruitment and organising of young people. handout 1. the situation the scene is a company meeting, between employers and employees and the trade union (tu), who are deadlocked in an attempt to come to an agreement over a wage claim. it is this meeting that is the basis of the simulation. there should be a total of five people around the negotiating table: two management representatives, one chair of the meeting (appointed by the employers) and two tu representatives.

as more members get active in union programs and projects, the structure of the local meetings should change to reflect that increased involvement. try soliciting toys and books; see if someone – maybe a retiree – can be found to watch the children in a separate room while the meeting is being held. the following ten easily understood rules will cover almost any situation that will come up at a local meeting.the important thing to remember is that the purpose of having rules is to give everyone who wants to speak the opportunity to do so, while at the same time keeping the discussion orderly and well-organized. it’s the unusual union officer who isn’t called upon to give a speech at some point – this includes a talk you may need to give at your own local union meeting.

the amount of detail that’s necessary will come as you get experience.for a beginner, it’s usually wise to do more work in preparing your speech than you might think necessary. it’s best to finish the speech a day before you’ll give it, review it before you go to sleep – and make no changes to it in the morning. if it’s necessary to use figures, put them in the form of a chart, or use slides, or a blackboard, or any other viewable form to fix the general impression in their minds. four-bit words and a thundering voice may make you think you’re impressing your audience – but the point is to give a good speech.