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supervision agenda template is a supervision agenda sample that gives infomration on supervision agenda design and format. when designing supervision agenda example, it is important to consider supervision agenda template style, design, color and theme. but at the end of the supervision, you leave thinking… i didn’t seem to address everything i wanted to address! with this guide to social work topics for supervision, i hope the checklist of topics gives you (the supervisor and the supervisee) a clearer idea of what to discuss during supervision. therefore, discussing your relationships with your colleagues with your supervisor will help you to have an objective view towards the difficulties you have. it gives you a safe place to discuss things. when you discuss this with your supervisor, you get to see whether this is a problem that only you face or if it’s a prevalent, long-standing problem. meeting those expectations is necessary for you to pass your probation, and to do a good job. when i was working in the uk,it was hard for me to understand the british politeness.

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thus, i realised i needed to be clear to my future supervisor what i wanted of him. i have tried to engage her whole family by bringing her brother for outings and dinners, inviting her along. it has been hard for me not to take these rejections personally. when you discuss difficult cases with your supervisor, it helps you to see what you might not see through your own biases. therefore, discussing what you can and cannot manage is important to help your supervisor to see what you can and cannot do. seeing what has succeeded for you helps your supervisor to see how we can take some of the factors behind your success to apply with your struggles. honestly, it is only when you see your weaknesses that you can begin to know your strength. too often, you can have a great session with your supervisor, and then be lost 3 days later.

you might go to supervision expecting something to be fixed. but the number of right things you do is finite. i was helping him to look for a job and also to look for a home. you need to set your own agenda for supervision. whilst it’s ideal to be clear about your organisation, and your supervisor’s agenda, you need to set your own agenda first. in the personal space, it’s about looking at what’s affecting you in your personal life. you need advice about how to move forward. they encourage you to use a different lens to look at a problem, rather than looking at it with the same eyes.

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you need to be clear about the last two questions. despite following your passion to help people, you find yourself struggling in a social work job. but it’s about building a good fit between your work and your interests so that you minimise the things you hate doing, and amplify the things you love doing. but there is much research that shows how important supervision is in helping a practitioner through difficult experiences. 2020) has shown that the proximity of managers and social workers contribute to better outcomes for clients. for example, the recent transition to working from home during covid means that issues such as poor work-home boundaries, workload management, overworking, need to be addressed. a good agenda would be sent out 72 hours before hand so that your supervisor has a chance to prepare for the questions you have. if your supervisor feels that he or she can’t do this, then there can be a negotiation of what will work best for you.