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sprint meeting agenda template is a sprint meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on sprint meeting agenda design and format. when designing sprint meeting agenda example, it is important to consider sprint meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. a sprint planning meeting is a meeting in which the scrum team decides what work can be delivered in the upcoming sprint and how that work will be accomplished. the team will have a better idea of this the longer they work together. come to the meeting with an understanding of how much time people will be available over the next sprint. as you go through each item in the backlog, the team will need to discuss and ask questions. start at the top of the backlog and work collaboratively to choose items to tackle this sprint.

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you’ll be able to check in with the team at the daily standup (aka the daily scrum meeting) tomorrow. following the sprint planning meeting, they should have a solid understanding of what’s expected of them and what is the priority to work on over the next sprint. the sprint backlog is a list of the product backlog items that the team selects and commits to working on during the sprint. sprint planning meetings demand a collaborative, team effort to arrive at the required outputs. you’ll also get a handy sprint planning checklist to help you prepare for the meeting (whatever your role), as well as an email template you can send to stakeholders and other invitees.

a sprint planning meeting is a working session for development teams to decide which backlog items to prioritize in the next sprint. but for the purposes of this guide, we will focus on sprints and sprint planning within the context of scrum development. they provide a critical opportunity for teams to identify how you will build upon the value of your product — for the business and customers. here is a breakdown of each role and their responsibilities during sprint planning meetings: collaborates to create sprint backlog — part of this is discussing the value and effort required for each piece of work with the product owner while each team will settle on a meeting format that works best for them, there are certain tasks you need to complete each time you meet for sprint planning.

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take the average value for the last three to six sprints for a fairly predictable sprint velocity. confirm consensus: to end the meeting, the scrum master verifies that everyone is in agreement on the sprint goal, the team’s commitments, and how you will complete the work. keep the following best practices in mind to make the most of your sprint planning sessions: come prepared: for product owners, this means reviewing past sprints and stakeholder feedback ahead of time and organizing the product backlog so it is ready for the team to use during the meeting. do not overplan: sprint planning is about getting clear on goals and outcomes and making sure the development team has what they need to begin working. when sprint planning is done well, team members leave the meeting feeling motivated and excited about the work ahead.