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remote team meeting agenda template is a remote team meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on remote team meeting agenda design and format. when designing remote team meeting agenda example, it is important to consider remote team meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. if you manage a remote team, it’s important to have regular team meetings. in this guide, we’ll walk you through why you should run a remote team meeting, how often to have them, who should be invited, and what topics should be on the agenda. second, team meetings provide a space for discussing important topics and making sure everyone is on the same page. you should aim to have team meetings once a week. everyone on the team should be invited, including the manager. this will ensure that everyone is able to connect and participate in the meeting. an icebreaker is a great way to start the meeting and get everyone warmed up. it’s also a chance to identify any areas where the team may need to focus more attention.

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for example, if you’re a team of software engineers, you should talk about what you’re working on this week, and if you’re going to meet your deliverables. this is a chance for everyone to share what went well for them this week. this agenda item provides an opportunity for the team to reflect on what could have gone better this week. this agenda item is important for identifying any obstacles that are preventing the team from performing at their best. this agenda item is a chance for the team to set goals for the next meeting. it’s a way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the team is making progress. this is a fun agenda item that allows everyone to give a shoutout to someone on the team. you should initially set your remote team meetings for 1 hour with your team. most remote team meetings tend to occur bi-weekly.

a key overarching theme to remote team meetings is to understand that fewer remote meetings are a good thing. the more meetings you schedule, the more likely this is to happen! if the majority of remote meetings are for information sharing, i’d encourage you to cut back and share information asynchronously instead. share a meeting agenda before it starts so everyone understands the purpose of the meeting and also has time to prepare their thoughts. for example, try to avoid areas where there’s a lot of background noise.

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clarity of communication is super important for remote teams, so open the floor and give people space to ask questions. another benefit to recording meetings is that you can reference them later (it can be fun to look back on a video from a year ago), and you can also see how you can improve as the organizer. the #1 goal is to have an effective remote team meeting, no matter which meeting cadence you employ. the purpose of the daily standup meeting was to stay aligned, create accountability, and to get to know each other a little bit more on a personal basis. also, if your team is growing quickly, prepare to change your cadence as the company grows.

this can make it challenging to communicate effectively, coordinate projects, and keep your team aligned on priorities and goals. use the remote team meeting template to organize recurring team syncs and provide your team with the latest project status updates. start by explaining what you hope to accomplish with this template and during team meetings. assign tasks and organize meeting participants into different groups by using the @ function to tag team members. you can make your recurring remote meetings more interactive by embedding live miro boards into the template and using miro’s online whiteboards to collaborate.

share project statuses and encourage your team to use the template to ask open questions and identify potential blockers you might have missed. align your team on schedules and goals. add an agenda and define what you’ll cover by drawing insights from the asynchronous team updates. use the template to include documents, project whiteboards, and other resources your team regularly works with. by including frequently referenced links in one place, your team will have everything they need to collaborate effectively, which saves time during meetings and lets you focus your attention on team discussions. learn how to level up your workflows and turn great ideas into action following remote team meetings with these powerful miro + atlassian integrations.