pop agenda template

pop agenda template is a pop agenda sample that gives infomration on pop agenda design and format. when designing pop agenda example, it is important to consider pop agenda template style, design, color and theme. organizational teams gather for a number of reasons and on a variety of timelines. it may be to create or review goals or to generate a strategic plan. we always have this in mind when we work with justice-oriented nonprofits and collectives to facilitate a meeting or retreat. to make the most of valuable time, we have only two short, focused planning calls, informed by the simple, yet effective framework of pop – (p)urpose, (o)utcomes and (p)rocess. any meeting or gathering requires solid answers to these questions.

pop agenda format

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they should also be informed by the needs of the people and realistic given the time you have dedicated. in our follow-up planning call, we share a proposed process for how the gathering will go based on the stated purpose and desired outcomes. the purpose and outcomes are at the top, followed by a plan for how we move through our time together – the process. our agendas also include a set of group agreements on how we will collectively hold space. asking groups to think about their pop in advance helps freedom lifted efficiently and effectively plan gatherings of almost any size. this blog is also informed by the social transformation project’s the fabulous pop model document.