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meet the team template is a meet the team sample that gives infomration on meet the team design and format. when designing meet the team example, it is important to consider meet the team template style, design, color and theme. what’s pleasing about this particular page is the simplicity: the grid design provides a modern feel, and clicking on a face opens a box with more information about the team member, including their bio, credentials, and social profiles. why this works: large grayscale headshots of team members bring character and personality to the brand while maintaining visual consistency. why this works: the choice to make renderings of each employee brings a lot of character and personality to this agency’s website. why this works: zulu alpha kilo leverages humor with its portraits and text content to draw potential clients in search of a partner on the quirky side. why this works: the creative, consistent color scheme lends a touch of fun to its “meet the team” section by displaying alternative portraits on mouseover.

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why this works: the livechat team page emphasizes each member’s personality and interests. clicking on each thumbnail leads the website visitor to a place where they can subscribe to that particular writer and view a feed of their pieces. why this works: media junction is not afraid to show its playful side on the team page — images are colorful, inviting, and animated for a dash of style that keeps users on the page. why this works: the oak + rumble intro video brings their work to life. as we’ve seen, the best team pages inject personality in a way that aligns with their branding. the best practice is to determine what your brand stands for, then create “meet the team” and “about” pages that convey that in the strongest possible way.

sometimes seen as an extension of the about page, meet the team is about introducing your visitors to your employees, providing transparency and a personal touch. lateral is a design and development studio that is absolutely killing it with the design of its team website page. a very interactive “drum machine mode” is the highlight of this meet the team page. the first team photo is just a taste of all you see as you scroll through the page! the page first appears very clean, with black and white headshots of each team member.

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meet the team guide

the background color varies, and each photo has a little personality. this small touch makes a big difference, and each color draws your attention across the screen to the next team member’s photo. bolden focuses on brand strategy, identity, ux/ui, and visual design, and their meet the team page is a testament to their skills. the design of team usa’s meet the team page is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and creativity that went into its creation. the colors on the page are consistent with our style guide, and each employee chooses a gif that they feel represents them. a kickass meet the team page will have personality, high-quality images of your team and culture, and is unique to your business.

if you delete it, you will no longer be able to buy it with a 100% discount for the initial order. the idea is not to stick to the common face-centric logic of a presentation and to show what is usually hidden. the page represents a mobile and business-oriented team. just take a look – each member of the team is watching your every gesture and will hear your every whisper. when the dudes are not working, they are partying and vice versa. the message is to show that behind any official impersonal manager, there is a human being – sometimes a comic, sometimes a tragic one.

a very good and easy way to convert official and impersonal photos into something cozier and more intimate, with the warmth of home. even if you have a carrot allergy, you are going to enjoy their creative meet the team page. the page has a slider, the slide show is automated, the photos are wide and clear. another clever ui/ux solution – the personal page has everything and more to tell you about its owner. the absence of motion seems to show that the studio is a trusted reliable partner – you will get what you expect. parallax scrolling is combined with unusual solution for the team and partners presentation. pavel is a writer and researcher who studied digital humanities and new media.