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pmo weekly meeting agenda template is a pmo weekly meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on pmo weekly meeting agenda design and format. when designing pmo weekly meeting agenda example, it is important to consider pmo weekly meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. if you are managing a pmo with a number of work streams, it is highly likely that you will be holding a regular meeting with the project managers and members of the pmo (tip: if you are not, you probably should be)! unfortunately, in many cases the meeting fails to meet these goal and can end up providing relatively little value or, even worse, the project managers thinking it is a waste of their valuable time. usually the pmo sees the meeting as a platform to let the project managers know what they require of them and the status of projects. take a moment to think how this feels to the project manager. you will probably agree, not much fun (or value) to the project manager.

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this may then result in the project managers starting to dial into the meeting or not attending. the meeting agenda will need to cover a number of the hygiene factors for the meeting such as: however, it is important that the meeting acts as a key communication for the project managers and pmo to raise and discus points that need to be shared, resolved across the group. a very good way to achieve this is as you prepare the agenda is to ask the project managers what items they would like covered on the agenda. this approach will result in better engagement and for challenges to be discussed and solved as a team while still covering the mandatory items. experiment with the agenda to find what works best for you.

you may have project management experts, or the project management team leader, project co-ordinators or others in more junior positions, analysts, software experts, data experts, business leaders, trainers, strategists and more. here are 5 items that you can include in your management team pmo meeting. it’s useful to have a project review to ensure you are sticking to the methodology (or deviating when it’s appropriate to do so) and the output from a project review can make a useful focal point during a pmo management team meeting. this shouldn’t be a witch hunt or an opportunity to criticise: the project manager should know in advance what is coming up. this can offer opportunities to improve the project review process and give you the chance to get first hand feedback about the value of the review. work together to create a vision for the pmo that you can all buy into. discuss the progress you have made as a team on the developments of the pmo functions.

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talk about the new functions you want to add to the department and work those into your plan so that you have a clear idea of when you will be able to bring those on stream. talk about the types of skills that you have in the team and those that are missing. it’s also a chance to evaluate whether you are adequately staffed to meet the needs of the business. it might be helpful to have a senior member of the pmo team act as “account manager” to each of the major business functions or units. they can be the voice of the pmo for that community, and then feedback to the pmo team about what’s going on in that area. the purpose of asking for them in advance is that it gives you an idea of how much time might be needed to cover the items raised. create a standing agenda of the topics you discuss regularly at your pmo meeting, and then add extra items like these to it when appropriate.

first, let me give you the context of the company in which this particular project management office (pmo) was operating. resources from each department reported to the functional managers directly and the pmo worked closely with the functional managers. every thursday morning (in my opinion, the perfect time for a weekly pmo meeting) we would meet. i would expect that with slight modifications in each area, this could be used in businesses that are not in the it field as well. this could be anywhere from a new approval process or workflow, to a different way in working with clients. the new project review allowed anyone that wanted to introduce a project to the pmo to submit a one page summary that provided a brief description of the project, the business objectives that were supported and the benefit this new project would bring to the organisation. it was then open for brief discussion or questions and the project was either approved to move forward (for example…paying client work), turned down on the spot, or put out for further research to be revisited the following week.

this portion of the meeting focused on exception management and only projects that were in trouble were discussed. the final part of the meeting was the deployment schedule review. a schedule was provided of the upcoming deployments that were up to one month out with a particular focus on the upcoming weekend. a key component to making this successful was having the right people in attendance. we would have the project managers, functional managers and executives that could make the decisions on the spot in attendance. week-in and week-out we were able to step up the level of our professionalism, review and approve new projects, mitigate risk and get everyone on the same page – all in about one hour per week. she is a pmi-certified project management professional (pmp) and knows how difficult it can be to make time for classroom or online learning so she has developed a new way for project managers to earn n’ learn while on the go.