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negotiation agenda template is a negotiation agenda sample that gives infomration on negotiation agenda design and format. when designing negotiation agenda example, it is important to consider negotiation agenda template style, design, color and theme. poor planning can result in allowing the other party to take more concessions than you were originally willing to give, which may result in unrealistic expectations of your company and the terms of future negotiations, as well as reduce your profitability. the more time you dedicate to preparing and planning for a negotiation meeting, the better your final outcome. learn about the company and the individuals with whom you are negotiating. if the negotiations are in regards to a bid to gain a contract, learn more about the competition and the main needs of the company. in a negotiation meeting, your objective is the agreement you wish to achieve. additionally, learn about the other party’s goals and outcomes they may be willing to accept. make sure you also know what information you are able to reveal to the other party as well. know about the nonmonetary value and cost of each concession you have and what it would cost you to adjust one.

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evaluate the cost of the concession to the other party and the aspects that are non-negotiable. on the other hand, if you conduct a negotiation meeting with colleagues, decide on the roles each individual will have and the most-effective way to work together. roles can include leading, note taking and observing. compare this to the action plan and tactics you think the other party may use. negotiating on the less-significant issues first can give you more time to focus on concessions that are more of value. in the agenda, list the negotiation topics in the order you and the other party will consider them, and place time limits on each item, if necessary. in addition, include the location of the negotiation meeting and the names of the participants. richards-gustafson received a bachelor of arts from george fox university in 2003 and was recognized by cambridge’s “who’s who” in 2009 as a leading woman entrepreneur.