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health and safety agenda template is a health and safety agenda sample that gives infomration on health and safety agenda design and format. when designing health and safety agenda example, it is important to consider health and safety agenda template style, design, color and theme. the declared purpose of the committee should be included in the company safety policy statement. however, a committee member should have the right to discuss the resolution of safety matters with any supervisor. meetings should be scheduled well in advance, ideally for a set time of day and day of the week, to promote regular attendance and allow preparation time for committee members. the decision might best be left to the discretion of the co-chairpersons as long as both workers and management are represented in the decision.

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committee members must be aware of actions taken to resolve cases of items in order to be able to share the information or to take further action as a committee. the decision-making process is a key element in determining committee unity and developing a spirit of cooperation necessary for it to operate effectively. the minutes of health and safety committee meetings are to keep track of safety issues and to state what recommendations have been made. a designated committee member needs to be assigned to record the minutes for each meeting (could be the same member or alternate each meeting). although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information, ccohs does not guarantee, warrant, represent or undertake that the information provided is correct, accurate or current.

i find in most instances when i audit and ask for proof of the minutes of the health and safety committee meeting that it is not worth the paper it is written on. the most obvious reason is that the committee members do not know and have not been informed of what the objectives and functions of the committee are. the health and safety committee meeting is an opportunity for workers and management to engage in a very important aspect of work-life – providing a safe and healthy workplace. it is an opportunity for management to find out what is happening in the areas of work and how they can improve health and safety at the worker level. it is also important to keep to an agenda format that can be used to track data from previous meetings, e.g., discussions about incidents can be followed up at the next meeting to find out if they have been closed out or if the proposed control measure is adequate.

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key data from all of these different health and safety meetings will then eventually be included in the health and safety reports to the board. remember, the health and safety committee meeting must be structured and used in a way that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the health and safety management system. you could show management that you have a good eye for detail, and this is a good skill to be an incident investigator or internal auditor. most meetings should be discussions that lead to decisions. therefore, it is a talent those with the responsibility to arrange the safety committee to ensure that ‘enthusiastic people’ are elected/chosen to be elected, are key to its success.