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client kickoff meeting agenda template is a client kickoff meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on client kickoff meeting agenda design and format. when designing client kickoff meeting agenda example, it is important to consider client kickoff meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. the first is during the sales process, when you initially connect with your future clients. in this guide for consultants, agencies, and client-facing teams, we will answer the question “how do you run a client kickoff call or meeting?” a client kickoff meeting is held at the beginning of a new client relationship in order to set the stage for a project or initiative. not to mention the new challenge of remote and hybrid work, which can make these meetings even more complex. whether you’re traveling to meet with your clients in person, or you’re planning a remote kickoff call, the steps for a facilitating a successful session remain the same. make sure you’re inviting relevant stakeholders from both your organization and the client’s. the purpose of an agenda is to set clear expectations for your meeting.

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you know what the call is for, but you need to make sure your clients do as well. the agenda should include the purpose of the meeting, the scope of what you’ll cover, a timeline for the session, and links to any supporting resources that your clients may need. in the remote-first era, it’s become abundantly clear that unengaging meetings are costing businesses money — and a boring kickoff call is not a great first impression. even if you believe that everyone will be attending in person, it’s a best practice to plan for distributed and remote attendees. even if just one person is working remotely, have everyone call into the meeting on their own devices in order to level the playing field. if possible, use the video call software that your client prefers — this will minimize any technical difficulties on your kickoff call. use this cheat sheet to make your client collaboration more engaging and productive — from your kickoff call to your ongoing meetings and beyond.

run a client project kickoff meeting well and the rest of your project is much more likely to succeed. i’ll cover how to run a project kickoff meeting properly so that you and your team can get the answers you need to complete a successful project. this is a simple way to help improve the chances of the project kickoff meeting going well, and make sure that the ‘real’ kickoff meeting with their stakeholders and team is as fruitful and efficient as possible. it’s a good idea to hold an internal project kickoff meeting with just your internal project team prior to the meeting with the client.

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it’s a chance to get aligned with the project team on the project brief and deliverables, as well as to surface any important questions that they might have, which can be asked during the client kickoff meeting. try to keep your kickoff meeting to a maximum of an hour and a half (you’ll notice that our project kickoff agenda outlines a meeting of this length). the kickoff meeting shouldn’t be a discussion about project scope. once the project kickoff meeting is out of the way, you and your team can get started on the project, assuming you also have all the info and assets you need. i’m a certified scrum master, prince2 practitioner and productivity nut!

a kickoff meeting can be one of the most important meetings that a company has with a client. on top of that, working remotely comes with its own set of challenges. below are 19 ways to improve virtual meetings that will help make your next remote kickoff meeting a success. a kickoff meeting is the first formal meeting held to launch or “kickoff” a new project or a new phase of an existing project. you may also have a kickoff meeting for internal stakeholders and a separate one with the client. the benefit of two meetings is that you can ensure everyone is up to speed before kicking things off with the client. a kickoff meeting is your opportunity to clarify the client’s expectations and explain the process your team will carry out to complete the project.

your kickoff meeting helps officially launch the project with your client. it can also cause them to lose faith that the project will be a success. remote kickoff meetings have their own unique challenges, but they don’t need to be a burden for you or your clients. want to discover how wrike can help you run the perfect remote kickoff meetings with your clients? wrike’s flexible work management platform allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, whether they’re in the same office or across timezones. find out how you can do this with performance management software. learn how wrike for professional services performance lets you keep track of what’s happening on your projects. find out how to measure project performance and learn why performance management tools can boost your projects today.