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new client meeting agenda template is a new client meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on new client meeting agenda design and format. when designing new client meeting agenda example, it is important to consider new client meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. as a freelancer, you’re in control of your work schedule, but you don’t get paid if you don’t work. so when you do need to attend one, it’s important to create an agenda that makes the meeting more efficient and focused. keep reading for some tips on how to write an effective client meeting agenda that can help you optimize your meetings. typically, participants receive a copy of the agenda beforehand so that they have a chance to prepare questions and ideas. a good meeting agenda has a logical flow that keeps the discussion moving. investing time to create a detailed meeting agenda saves you time in the long run. if you’re a freelancer who charges on a per-project basis, you might be hesitant to schedule meetings – after all, any time spent in a meeting is time you could be working on the project. for example, if you’ve just connected with a new client, it’s a good idea to meet (virtually or in person) to establish a relationship and ensure that you agree on project details, payment, and deadlines.

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mid-way through the project is another time you might want to have a face-to-face meeting with your client to address any concerns or ask any lingering questions. once you’ve decided that a client meeting is the best course of action, what should you include in the agenda? first, determine what type of meeting it is. knowing the meeting type is key to creating an efficient agenda. for example, you may want to update the client on something related to the project or discuss your contract before signing. next, include the specific topics you want to cover during the meeting and estimate how long each one should take to discuss. you can also include a section for off-topic discussion items or questions, especially if your meeting includes multiple people. our comprehensive course material and expert support can help you take the next step in your freelance career.

you came up with a mental list of topics in case the conversation lagged. a client meeting agenda can make all the difference in the success of your meeting—and ongoing relationship. taking the time to write a client meeting agenda might feel like it’s cramping your style. by sharing an agenda prior to the meeting, you’ll help ensure that all meeting attendees are aligned about the meeting’s purpose, details, and goals. a strong agenda is your roadmap to running an effective client meeting that covers every base with none of the fluff. when a client adds their own items to the agenda, it gives you time to prepare for the meeting too. add items to the agenda.

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a meeting agenda is helpful during the meeting because it keeps everybody on track. you can also send a copy of the meeting notes to your client, freeing them up to simply be present during the meeting itself. once your meeting is on the calendar, make sure you’re prepared with an effective meeting agenda that includes everything listed above—the meeting details (including location and attendees), meeting goal, and a list of topics to discuss. meeting with a new client for the first time? the objective of this meeting is for me to learn about your financial goals and your current saving and spending habits so i can provide you with a roadmap to reach those goals. a meeting agenda should include the details of the meeting, such as its time and place (including links and passcodes) and all required attendees. it should also list the meeting objectives and a list of discussion topics or questions.

think of your background and the impact you have on companies as your product, not you. using a story about a similar company you have worked with, start telling a prospect what was happening in that company at the time, how you were a part of it, the great team you had, and the results you achieved at the end of that engagement. really listen; ask the questions that are important to the client and work to understand the pains they are having. tell a story about a client or past situation that is similar to this client’s situation and focus on how you resolved it together with the team.

you may find information to help you connect and stay in touch or something that may cause you to question whether you want to do business with them at all. between the internet and the source of the lead, you should walk into the first meeting with a lot of information on the company. the goal is not for you to rehash your resume and answer the client’s questions. through an active discussion centered around understanding and planning, the client will develop a better sense of your abilities and begin to trust that you can help them. depending on the size of the company and the engagement, you may need to have separate meetings with various stakeholders, either due to their availability or simply because it’s part of their process.