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case management meeting template is a case management meeting sample that gives infomration on case management meeting design and format. when designing case management meeting example, it is important to consider case management meeting template style, design, color and theme. a judge can decide not to have the cmc if the defendant has not served and filed a reply and paid the filing fee. if all the issues cannot be settled at the cmc and a trial is necessary the cmc will be used to prepare for the trial. all parties to the action must attend the cmc and must have the authority to settle the matter. you may bring a support person with you but it will be up to the judge to decide who remains in the case management conference room. if the judge directs that the matter proceed to trial a date may be set at this time. review your case and the other party’s case and try to anticipate the questions you may be asked.

case management meeting overview

if the other party does not attend the case management you may be in a position to obtain judgment or have the case dismissed, so be prepared to present your case and produce relevant documents to support your case. the procedure for a cmc can vary from case to case. a cmc may be continued to another date if one or both parties come unprepared or the judge decides that further discussions or actions may assist in possible settlement. the judge who conducts the cmc will not be the trial judge if the case goes to trial. the only things that will be communicated to the trial judge are any points of agreement between the two parties reached during the discussion. if the parties do not agree to a settlement the cmc will be used to set a trial date and prepare for trial. the parties are free to continue to try to settle the matter on their own.

after the defendant files an answer, the judge will set a hearing for the parties to appear in court. the whole purpose is to get your case moving forward. the judge will want to find out the following during the hearing: the judge may have you and the other parent go to mediation if you cannot agree on custody of the children. the judge may also set deadlines for you and the other party to complete discovery, and may set a trial date. you will receive a notice in the mail from the court with the hearing date included. you must file your financial disclosure form before the case management conference.

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case management meeting guide

if you have not already filed your financial disclosure form, be sure to file it before the hearing. you and the other party are also expected to meet and discuss the issues within 45 days of the date the answer was filed. after the meeting, file a case conference report. the judge can only make final orders at this hearing if you and the other parent are in full agreement on all the issues. remember, this is only the first hearing where the judge can find out the issues involved and get your case moving forward. this is not a final hearing where everything will be decided. the information on this website is not a substitute for legal advice.

when your court schedules a case management conference of cmc, you’re required to meet with the other side and prepare, serve, and file a case management statement. once you know the date of your conference, give yourself enough time to finish these by the deadlines. both sides must talk in person or by phone at least 30 days before each case management conference. on the call, you should try to see if you can solve any issues or even if resolving the case is possible. for example, when do you think you’ll be ready for trial, what dates you and the other side, as well as any witnesses, are available for trial (if the court has not already set a date).

if you and the other side are not too far apart, you may be able to settle the case amongst each other (or with a lawyer if either side has one) or in a settlement conference with a judge rather than go to trial. if you and the other side think you can reach an agreement in a more informal setting with the help of a judge, you can ask to schedule the settlement conference earlier. if you and the other side can agree that certain issues are not in question, you will not need to prove these at trial and you can focus your evidence on things that you don’t agree on. this form has you fill out information about the preparation of your case, to inform the court what the case is about, how long the trial will take, what types of alternatives to trial you are willing to participate in, and how close to ready your case is to trial. it helps if you fill in the top part of the form with the case and court information. have your server mail the papers to the other side or their attorney if they have one.