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away day agenda template is a away day agenda sample that gives infomration on away day agenda design and format. when designing away day agenda example, it is important to consider away day agenda template style, design, color and theme. the importance of team away days lies in their ability to offer a breather from day-to-day responsibilities and focus on the bigger picture. before you start, it’s important to think about the role you want to have on the day upfront, especially if in your day job you are a team member, or the team leader. to achieve this, it is likely that you will  need to call on a wide range of skills and tools, from problem solving and decision making, to team management and communications. time spent at this stage is a very good investment, and will help you have a successful team away day. download it now to get an agenda and all the activities you need to facilitate a successful, productive and enjoyable team away day that works for everyone.

away day agenda overview

creating a safe space for open discussions allows team members to share their thoughts on company culture and work environment. such activities encourage team members to step out of their comfort zones, exploring new ways to approach tasks and challenges in their day-to-day work. the ultimate goal is to return to work with a set of actionable insights, improved employee wellbeing, and a more cohesive, high-performing team. if you’d like to know more, get in touch here and we can book in a teams or zoom call. associate in business innovation and creativity at university of york and lancaster university.

it’s easy to see why the concept is often met with an eye roll. done well, an away day builds bonds within a team, and can generate new and relevant insights to take back to the day job. what do you want to achieve out of the day? do you want to generate fresh thinking for the new strategy? if you want people to engage, you have to listen. are you leading the day or are you a participant? what will enable the team to get the most out of the experience?

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away day agenda guide

if you want everyone to contribute, then everyone needs to feel safe. think about how you set expectations before the day and listen to any concerns. if you want people to think differently, then you need to offer something new. a huge part of any away day is the opportunity to be together in a more relaxed atmosphere, and decent breaks are essential to that. if this is the first time you’ve all been together in a room since march 2020, you really can’t overestimate how valuable that will be. make sure you leave some time at the end of the day to identify the key takeaways and discuss what you should do next. mark contributions as unhelpful if you find them irrelevant or not valuable to the article. culture, communication and collaboration in a hybrid world | consultancy | workshops and facilitation | executive coaching icf acc if you’re thinking about an away day, and you’d like to have a chat, please get in touch.

when planned correctly, an away day can have a substantial positive impact on the performance of your team. use the checklist below and build a successful team away day. when – picking the date is important, it needs to be a day that everyone can attend and one that doesn’t conflict with the wider business calendar. why – teams function the best when there is a shared sense of purpose and mutual respect, which is hard to cultivate in a busy office environment. what – picking the right activity is very important. often a more developmental attitude to the team activity will work best, other times a more celebratory approach will be the best solution.

who – if you allow people to opt out of the activity this will suggest bad leadership and may lead to future conflict. it’s worth hiring a specialist facilitator to help lead team exercises, position messages, and help structure the day so that the leader can join in with the activities. you want the team to connect with the place so that it can be well remembered and help create a mind-set for future referencing. just mentioning the place or day should spark a memory that reminds the team members of the connections they created. fresh tracks can work with you to find the perfect venue, activity agenda, and shortlist some activities. often team away days go wrong and the aims of the day don’t turn out as expected.