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sports day agenda template is a sports day agenda sample that gives infomration on sports day agenda design and format. when designing sports day agenda example, it is important to consider sports day agenda template style, design, color and theme. sports day in a primary school is markedly different to sports days in secondary school. done right, a sports day is the perfect way to wrap up the school year, and send both children and parents off on a positive note – so it’s important to try and get it right. get a date in the diary well in advance and make sure that parents are aware of it so they can make arrangements to attend. timing is everything when it comes to ensuring the day runs smoothly – think about how long you want the day to last, which events you’ll have and how long each will take. it’s a good idea to make sure you have planned for refreshments.

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once you’ve made your plan make sure you have all the equipment and materials you need to put your ideas into practice. team games and races are another great way of encouraging children to come together and work constructively to try to win. make sure you are clear on the rules of each activity and that everyone understands how to take part. with that in mind, you should be able to plan and run a sports day that is enjoyable for children, parents and staff alike! organising the perfect sports day takes a little thought and preparation, but putting in the care and effort really does make all the difference and is the perfect way to celebrate the end of term! you can use the title drop-down menu on the product page before purchasing to check the content of each lesson in more detail, and the overview is available to download for free using the grey tab.

a fantastic way to reward and develop large or small teams or to add an element of fun to your next away day or conference. re-live the sights, sounds and laughter of school sports day games as your colleagues take on the much loved egg-and-spoon race, skipping race, sack race and others with a modern twist; all to the soundtrack of their youth. a fantastic way to reward staff or a fun addition to your corporate event, a company sports activity day creates some exciting competition among colleagues. outdoor team building activities for summer are a great way to get your team away from their desk.

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if you are worried about the unpredictable british weather then speak to our team to help you find a venue with some indoor space as a contingency or temporary shelter. although our sports day is fairly physical, your event manager can tailor the activities to the ability within your team. if you or anyone in your team has injuries, certain health conditions or is pregnant, this activity will not be suitable, speak to our team for more information. remember to bring a waterproof jacket or jumper in case the weather looks unpredictable, or you get chilly. medals are awarded to the winning teams, you can add further prizes or donate to charity should you wish.

it is a time for children to discover interests and unknown talents, giving them time to shine outside of the classroom. your sports day may have individual events or team games; organise the teams in advance to ensure an even distribution of sporting ability. it may be useful to prepare stickers with house team names on them for the younger children. sports day can bring the risk of increased injury or accident; having first aid trained staff to support throughout the day makes the activities safer for the children and helps the day to run smoothly. safety is paramount for activities on days like sports day, it is a day where more first aid injuries can be recorded due to the physical nature of the events. it is important to share medical information with staff on the day and prior to the organised event.

there are lots of administrative jobs that are often forgotten about when organising a sports day, like booking for the grass on the playing fields to be cut (or checking that the hired venue is prepared). ensure your first aiders are prepared with plenty of ice packs in a shaded area nearby the event (it may be a good idea to supply first aiders with a hi-vis tabard too). share basic first aid information with your staff prior to the day itself, giving a foundation knowledge of how to treat a minor head injury. send a reminder out to all parents prior to the day to remind them to pack sunburn ready for the events. you can download our free sports day parent reminder to send to parents and share via social media before the event. share information on how to help during an asthma attack with parents, pupils, and staff members. this is… discover the essential government guidelines for safely administering medication in schools and ensuring the well-being of students.