1 on one meeting template

1 on one meeting template is a 1 on one meeting sample that gives infomration on 1 on one meeting design and format. when designing 1 on one meeting example, it is important to consider 1 on one meeting template style, design, color and theme. they are a great vehicle to help your employees stay connected to their purpose and the meaning of their work in the context of the organization and team. one-on-one meetings are the perfect arena for employees to ask direct questions that they may have been embarrassed to ask in a more public setting. as a manager, it’s your job to put your direct reports at their ease so you – and they – can get the best out of these meetings. recurring meetings demonstrate that a manager is invested in each employee and wants to take the time as part of their busy schedule to see them.

1 on one meeting overview

here, it’s your job to ask what clarity you can provide, and how you can help solve the challenges. ask the employee to identify when and how they can practice the behavior change. a one-on-one meeting is a different beast – it’s all about the individual employee and how they are getting on, so the focus should be on them. be balanced and objective; you don’t need to ‘soften the blow’ when you have a great relationship with your reports and you give mutually constructive feedback. after collecting ideas, a manager will have a set of potential solutions for their focus areas that you can act on, and use in your one on ones.

each one is completely different depending on the people involved and the topics that need to be covered. be willing to increase or reduce meeting times or lengths so you and your employees get the most out of every one on one meeting. with frequent one on one meetings, you are able to help your employees set goals, but you’re also able to help them achieve those goals by being there for them along the way. a one on one meeting allows you to clarify expectations and course-correct quickly. there are actually many different types of one on one meetings that we’ll get to in a bit.

1 on one meeting format

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1 on one meeting guide

there is not a set type of 1:1 meeting that you can plan for each and every time. it’s even easier for employees and managers to access the information they need when they need it with a central system that enables you to keep all of your meeting information in one place. with all of the information associated with every one on one meeting in one place, you can facilitate better goal-setting, clarify expectations, and even track data over time, all without tracking down emails, jumping between platforms searching for information, or trying to maintain a complicated spreadsheet. for that reason it is important to regularly check in on how your team is working with the rest of the organization. hopefully you feel the same way and will never have to wonder, “what could we possibly talk about this week?” pick and choose from the different types of meetings above to create your own one-on-one practice that is a fit for each employee and your organization.