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workshop outline template is a workshop outline sample that gives infomration on workshop outline design and format. when designing workshop outline example, it is important to consider workshop outline template style, design, color and theme. harish chandran is the engineering site lead and senior staff research engineer at deepmind, where he leads the engineering efforts to integrate ai research results into google products. harish received his phd in computer science from duke university in 2012. while in graduate school, he worked as a teaching assistant, helping undergraduate students learn about algorithms and data structures. this article received 29 testimonials and 86% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. a workshop is an informative or instructional class focused on teaching specialized skills or exploring a particular subject.

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workshop presenters are usually educators, subject matter experts, managers or other leaders who possess knowledge of a particular subject or mastery of specific skills. workshop leaders can strengthen the effectiveness of their presentations through careful planning, organization, and presentation practice. to prepare a workshop, start by figuring out what you want the participants to get out of it, whether it’s a concrete skill, or general information about a topic. finally, decide how you’ll wrap up the workshop, whether it’s a question and answer session, a participant feedback form, or a review of learned skills.

introduction: the paper outline structure workshop is introduced towards the end of the semester as students are starting to write a final research paper. previously, students had spent time reading primary and secondary sources to generate a commented list of sources, or annotated bibliography. the instructor created a list of questions and generated a handout that would be given to students during the activity. before this assignment was given, students had already spent time reading and collecting primary and secondary sources.

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students were expected to come to class with a list of sources on which they had taken notes. as the students worked through the steps below, the instructor rotated around the class answering questions and encouraging lively discussion. step one (15 min): the students were instructed to “use sticky notes, notecards, or giant pieces of paper to map out the major sections of the argument. arrange these in an order that you think will make for a logical and persuasive argument.” step two (10 min): after making the first outline, students are instructed to make a second outline. the questions were: procedure – after class: after making outline 3, students shared their outlines and discussed which outline would make the most effective research paper.