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whs agenda template is a whs agenda sample that gives infomration on whs agenda design and format. when designing whs agenda example, it is important to consider whs agenda template style, design, color and theme. under australian law, the responsibility for occupational health and safety at a workplace rests with the employer. what are the responsibilities of a health and safety committee and what’s appropriate to discuss at a workplace health and safety meeting? if this is the first meeting of a new health and safety committee, then you’ll need to set parameters for the committee. successful committees that work constructively within a business require solid administration guidelines so that there are no grey areas, and everything related to the committee is documented. first on the agenda should be any current health and safety issues within the workplace.

whs agenda format

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if the issues are ongoing, then a program should be implemented to manage these issues in accordance with the occupational health and safety act. that could be the number of days in the workplace since there’s been a safety incident, or it could be the latest report on hazards in the workplace. another thing that’s good to discuss at a workplace health and safety meeting is conducting a health and safety audit. are a briefing on fire safety and evacuation procedures part of the onboarding for new staff? it’s also advisable to conduct regular audits of your electrical safety and the level of electrical risk in your business. they conduct audits on site and can also conduct safety testing and advise on additional safety equipment that you may require.