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weekly accountability meeting template is a weekly accountability meeting sample that gives infomration on weekly accountability meeting design and format. when designing weekly accountability meeting example, it is important to consider weekly accountability meeting template style, design, color and theme. it’s now been officially one month and 10 days since my friend and business partner, arlene, asked if i wanted to be her “accountability partner.” like the start of many great interactions, this began as a text, to which i replied: so it turns out an accountability partner is just like it sounds. the powerful combination of adding it to a list and having someone hold me accountable got my site launched in a little over a month. do i really want to show up and not have cleaned out my closet? i used to wait until the last day, partially out of necessity when i was living paycheck to paycheck for a time. both my partner and i were zoomed in on our losses and fixes, and not enough on our wins and ahas. by listing out what you set out to do each week, you get a clearer idea of what you can and cannot accomplish.

weekly accountability meeting format

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it’s to figure out those few things you can get done, and limit yourself to set you up for success. this is especially true with matters of the heart and emotional healing. figure out how i’m going to pay my rent or get a side hustle. as a result, i stay in this state of self-inflicted paralysis and don’t get anything done. so on that note, if you’re considering using the compound effect’s accountability partner method, i recommend it! as of 2020, we are just starting to build our team and audience, but have our sights set on a bright future as a growing media platform.