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traction l10 meeting agenda template is a traction l10 meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on traction l10 meeting agenda design and format. when designing traction l10 meeting agenda example, it is important to consider traction l10 meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. in this article, we explore how to run a leadership meeting that’s compatible with eos, including the pros and cons and a free agenda template. while a 90-minute meeting may seem daunting, putting in the time to address issues upfront will ultimately save you time and frustration. to be compatible with eos, your leadership meeting needs to be a routine item in your calendar that occurs on the same day and time each week. ???? they keep you focused on goals: everything in the level 10 meeting revolves around your business goals and addressing the most important challenges and obstacles that stand in the way.

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to have an effective meeting, everyone needs to put in the effort beforehand (which is a best practice for every meeting in your calendar!). following the agenda items and time exactly will allow you and your team to get the most out of this meeting format. if a rock is off track, add it to the issues portion of the agenda to tackle in that section. the crux of your meeting focuses on understanding the root of problems and constructively solving them, rather than jumping to solutions. if you’re using hypercontext to run your meeting, hit “finish meeting” so that the meeting notes and next steps get emailed to all attendees.

there’s always room to get better.” avoiding giving a 10 because you just don’t do that misses the point that the level 10 meeting, if done well, should be scored a 10. i’m going to tell you what a perfect 10 looks like and how to get better scores in your level 10 meetings. while it is the responsibility of the level 10 meeting facilitator to conduct a tight meeting, it is just as important that the participants speak up during the meeting if there are things going on that will make the meeting not great. this is a segue to get you to transition from working in the business to working on the business. making sure that everything that’s important in your business is on track, your numbers, priorities are on track, and all your people are happy. so often, people get chatty and give too much commentary during the reporting section of the agenda. when you identify these as issues and drop it down to the issues list, you are making sure you are talking about the most important things you need to discuss that day. this brings a little accountability to your meeting. anything that needs to be discussed from the to-do list gets dropped down to the issues list.

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your second order of business – and every team really could get better at this – is to strive to identify the real issue. you have a full 60 minutes for issues solving if you’ve followed the rest of the agenda. when there are five minutes left in the meeting, you move to conclude with three quick things. when you score the meeting, this is the chance for your team to self-correct. when you start on time, end on time, follow the level 10 meeting agenda and solve your most important issues each week, that is a great meeting. plus, it can be hard to develop a good one. even when you’ve nailed it, you will still want to review it every 90 days to make sure it gives you data that you can use to make better business decisions. whether leaders realize it or not, their failure to master the delegate and elevate® tool affects the bottom line of the company.