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team meeting notes template is a team meeting notes sample that gives infomration on team meeting notes design and format. when designing team meeting notes example, it is important to consider team meeting notes template style, design, color and theme. in the meeting recap, the most important parts of a meeting are captured and organized in one place. you can also open the meeting chat and select the recording or transcript thumbnail. to view the recap in other meetings within a series, open the series invite in your teams calendar and select the date and time of the meeting you want to review from the dropdown menu. important: ai-generated content is based on the meeting transcript and is powered by gpt and other ai models. timeline markers are shown as various icons along a meeting recording’s timeline that mark the parts of a meeting that are directly relevant to you. when you play a meeting recording, you can see if your name was mentioned by hovering over the timeline. you can also view a transcription of what was said and who said it by opening the transcript pane.

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when you play a meeting recording, hover over the timeline to view your join and leave markers where you joined or left. when you play a meeting recording, hover over the timeline and the screen share icon will appear where people shared their screen during the meeting. the speakers view is an ai-powered feature that helps you quickly find specific speakers and their main points in a meeting recording. it can be deleted in that tab or in the transcription thumbnail in the meeting chat. chapters and topics identify keywords from the meeting transcript, or content shared with powerpoint live, to segment the meeting. teams uses the meeting transcript, attendance data, and ppt live data to provide ai-powered features in intelligent recap. meeting recordings are stored in onedrive and sharepoint, in accordance with the microsoft purview policy. people in your organization who were invited to the meeting can access its intelligent recap.

that’s why reading this white paper on the seven best practices for ransomware is so critical to your organization. microsoft teams meeting notes is a feature in the teams and outlook apps that allows you to take collaborative notes during meetings in microsoft teams. it is scheduled to be in standard release by the end of summer 2023. you can use new capabilities in meeting notes to record the agenda, discussion points, action items, and other important information from your microsoft teams meetings. i will walk you through the three main features of meeting notes and show you how to boost productivity for all your teams meetings for all your users! remember, you should try to take good notes: meeting participants will be able to go back after the meeting and view all these notes.

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