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team agenda template is a team agenda sample that gives infomration on team agenda design and format. when designing team agenda example, it is important to consider team agenda template style, design, color and theme. “what should i put on our team meeting agenda?” i asked myself this question recently because — for the first time in our small team’s history — we’re starting to hold monthly team meetings! and so, the question, “what do you put on your team meeting agenda?” has become ripe for me. but before answering it, let’s take a step back to define the purpose of an effective team meeting — and why we here at know your team decided to introduce them. of all these areas to ideally get aligned around, there is one — more than the rest — that an effective team meeting should focus on… all-team meetings are most ideal for sharing vision. according to a survey of 355 managers and employees we conducted in the fall of 2018, we found that the most important information that they believed should be shared in a team is a vision (50% of people said this). as a result, reinforcing vision and alignment around that vision should be the primary focus of your team meeting agenda.

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as a result, for our own all-team meeting at know your team, here’s what we’re putting on our upcoming team meeting agenda for next friday: positive chat (15 min. ) — we cover how we are progressing on our main client work, any issues they’re facing that we need to be aware of, etc. ) — each month we take time for someone to present a particular client problem that they could use the collective brainpower of our team on and we brainstorm and provide input. you’ll notice the similarities here: both focus on sharing the overall vision with the team, and in fostering alignment. whatever you decide to put on your team meeting agenda, make sure you’re not doing them just to check the box. based on data we collected from 297 remote managers and employees, our ceo, claire lew, wrote 11 chapters of best practices on how to manage a remote team. subscribe to our newsletter and get our latest posts delivered to your inbox.