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tactical meeting agenda template is a tactical meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on tactical meeting agenda design and format. when designing tactical meeting agenda example, it is important to consider tactical meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. their purpose is to triage issues that have come up recently and remove obstacles so that the work can move forward. they occur at a regular rhythm based on the needs of the circle (typically weekly) and are scheduled by the circle’s secretary. tactical meetings follow a structured process and are held by the circle’s facilitator. having a process that the whole team knows and can participate in is freeing! preamble: the preamble is a space to surface data, not discuss it. anyone wanting to discuss a topic should add it to the agenda for triage. the facilitator reads the checklist of recurring actions. the relevant roles respond by “check” or “no check” to each item for the preceding period (e.g.

tactical meeting agenda overview

any circle member can request checklist items to be added to the list, as long as they are for actions that have already been accepted by the role-filler as an action their role would take. each role assigned a metric reports on it by highlighting the latest data. it’s the circle lead’s authority to determine which metrics are being reported on. if anyone needs to discuss the project further, they are invited to wait for the triage issues step to add an item to the agenda. if needed, the circle’s secretary captures agenda items. any participant can also add items to the agenda later. the goal is to process all the agenda items in the time allotted, therefore the time per agenda item is limited. the purpose of the meeting is not to analyze issues in-depth, but to quickly triage them and get clear on what’s the next step to move forward. each person can share a closing reflection about the meeting.

one of the most frustrating things to happen at work is having to attend a meeting that seems to have no direction or strategy. tactical meetings also promote collaboration, since one of the key meeting functions is to provide support and advice to team members. for your tactical meetings to be successful, it is critical that you have a meeting agenda for them because going over each team member’s responsibilities can be time-consuming. they can also make sure the meeting agenda is followed and set the team up for success. this is key because the whole purpose of your meeting is to find solutions and improve your operations and the management of daily activities.

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tactical meeting agenda guide

don’t invite anyone to your tactical meeting who doesn’t need to be there—doing so is a waste of time and energy. this gives team members an idea of the progress of the metric or okr and what they need to do to hit their targets. be sure to create your tactical meeting agenda ahead of time, use a meeting management software, assign meeting roles, and make proper introductions for the best results. assign, organize, and prioritize all your meeting action items in one place. assign, organize, and prioritize all your meeting action items in one place.