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give kids time in the morning to brainstorm a fun carnival game they can create with things they find in their cabins or outside in nature. split campers into groups, and then have them compete to see which catapult can send a water balloon the furthest. this is an excellent activity for those hot days at summer camp when the kids want a fun way to cool off. you can separate the kids into teams and have them do a relay race through the obstacle course. it can be fun for kids to have several wood projects from their summers at camp. have a few designs on how to give the kids ideas and then set them loose to create their amazing pieces.

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you can have them vote for their favorite design, favorite colors, and more. introduce the kids to cooking, but make it fun and crafty too. at the end of the activity gather all the cards and use them to make a cookbook to send home with campers at the end of summer. if your campers prefer art projects, give them a printed outline of a country and have them make an artistics interpretation of it using whatever supplies they can find. if you want to save paper, or don’t have a printer, you can change this to a camp news station instead. if you have older kids, you could create a chess board and have the kids be the pawns, rooks, bishop, etc. these ideas should give you plenty of ways to create a memorable camp experience—one that keeps kids coming back summer and summer.

when the kids were younger we could sign them up for the same summer camp every week all summer long, and they thought it was great! they wanted to try new places and activities. can we possibly get one kid to camp x and the other to camp y on the same day? the kids would spend roughly half of their weeks at the summer camp near our house, which was held at the gym our family belonged to. we would look ahead at the field trip options and make sure they were going to that camp on the weeks with the most appealing field trips. there were a few camps our kids really loved that were much more expensive than our “base camp.” but we felt the camps provided them with great opportunities to learn, be active, and/or do things they loved. this doesn’t necessarily reduce the complexity of your summer camp scheduling at first. it might also allow carpooling for drop offs and pick ups, which in the end also helps reduce summer camp chaos.

when possible, we would ensure that one kid was at our “base camp” when the other was gallivanting across the city for a camp further from home. i was able to manage all of the above quickly and easily once i created a spreadsheet for managing summer camp planning, registration, and tracking what was happening each week throughout the summer. want to see the summer camp options spreadsheet in action? purchase of the excel spreadsheet comes with a link to an in-depth 12-minute video with tips for how i’ve actually used the spreadsheet, along with customization ideas for you! my sister told me the other day that she was planning to enroll my nephew in a kids’ summer program to enhance his social skills and discover different things. i’ll tell her it will be much better if she consults a trusted kids’ summer program as they can provide proper education for my nephew. “since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.” my passion is creating personalized family and travel keepsakes to help you celebrate the journey, whether it’s a special family occasion or a trip of a lifetime.