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strata meeting agenda template is a strata meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on strata meeting agenda design and format. when designing strata meeting agenda example, it is important to consider strata meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. to arrange a meeting, the owners must write to the secretary. the notice will also need to detail any electronic means for voting at the meeting. a quorum is the minimum number of owners that must be at meeting for it to go ahead. however, owners need to pass a resolution approving the use of pre-meeting electronic voting. any electronic means of voting to be used for a meeting, including pre-meeting electronic voting, must be stated in the meeting notice.

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for it to pass, no more than 25% of the votes can be against the proposal a sustainability infrastructure resolution means that votes against must be less than 50% for it to be approved. this gives a total of 10 unit entitlements of owners present at the meeting. a strata committee meeting can be called by the secretary, or if one-third of the strata committee members ask for one to be called. if the strata committee is prevented from deciding on a matter because of an objection, the secretary can add the matter to the agenda of the next general meeting of the owners corporation. however, strata committees will need to pass a resolution approving the use of pre-meeting electronic voting. understand the strata by-laws where you live, how to change them, and what to do if there’s a breach of the by-laws in your strata scheme.

learn more on this page about preparing for general meetings: requirements to hold agms calling a special general meeting placing an item on the agenda of a general meeting information meetings documents to prepare requirement to give advance notice methods of giving notice calculating notice period runs an agm must be held every year; no later than two months after the strata corporation’s fiscal year end, unless the meeting is waived. an agm can be waived if all eligible voters waive, in writing, the requirement to hold an agm and if they pass resolutions in writing to: for new strata corporations, the owner-developer is responsible for arranging the first agm within six weeks of the earlier of the following dates: in addition to annual general meetings (agms), special general meetings (sgms) can be held. at the general meeting, the strata lot owners can also, by majority vote, direct or restrict the actions of the strata council, except in the following circumstances: strata council members can also be removed at a general meeting.

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if the matter is not urgent, an owner or tenant can propose a resolution or matter to be included at the next annual or special general meeting as follows: in addition to agms and sgms, strata corporations (and sections) can hold information meetings to share information with owners and residents and have general discussions. when calculating the number of days within the two week notice period for an agm or sgm, the day the notice is given (day 1 in the example above), or is deemed to be received (day 5 in the example above) cannot be counted as one of the days. it can only take place on any of the days following the last day of the notice period (day 16 or day 20 as per the example above). and is grateful to carry out our work on these lands.

if you have recently purchased a unit in a strata scheme, you’re likely to be invited to attend a strata meeting. as a consequence of the covid pandemic, many owners corporations have pivoted to holding their meetings online, thereby eliminating the need to hold evening meetings at the strata manager’s office. agms are probably the most critical strata meetings for owners to attend. all kinds of residential strata properties (apartment buildings, caravan parks, multi-dwelling development, and retirement villages) and commercial or retail properties, are required to hold an annual general meeting. typically, the format of a strata agm follows that of any organisation, where attendees are allowed to ask questions, vote, and raise their concerns in a formal setting. there are certain agenda motions which are prescribed by legislation, but individual owners or the strata committee can propose additional motions. if an owner wants a motion placed on the agenda, they must contact the secretary in writing, providing the motion and an explanation as to why it is being proposed.

strata committee meetings can be held as frequently or infrequently as needed. these meetings usually discuss and vote on day-to-day administration matters of the owner’s corporation. the frequency of these meetings is often a reflection of the standard of the strata management and at fresh strata we try to relieve the committee of frequent meetings. the secretary must post a notice of the meeting on the strata noticeboard at least three days before a committee meeting is set down to be held. if your owner’s corporation doesn’t have a noticeboard, or if your owner’s corporation is large, the meeting notice must be given or sent to each owner and committee member and must include a detailed agenda. fresh strata has a unique approach to strata management. at fresh strata we are passionate about delivering excellent strata management services, with complete transparency and a core focus on managing strata properties in a friendly and efficient way. with over 20 years in the industry as an australian family-owned company, fresh strata is your go-to northern beaches strata management company in sydney.