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staff retreat agenda template is a staff retreat agenda sample that gives infomration on staff retreat agenda design and format. when designing staff retreat agenda example, it is important to consider staff retreat agenda template style, design, color and theme. it’s dedicated time for everyone in the team as a whole to reflect on the business, get aligned, and chart a path forward. though we’d never held a team retreat before, i luckily had the wisdom of 1,000+ managers in our online leadership community, the watercooler, to draw from. as a result, as part of the planning process, i wanted to be rigorous about making sure we were intentional about what “success” for the retreat really looked like. with mandy and marcus being new to know your team, sharing the background for where we are, how we make decisions, and why, was critical.

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a retreat is a rare opportunity for everyone to get on the same page about where the company is headed, and why. for remote companies in particular, according to our survey, we found that the most common frequency of meeting in-person was “several times a year” (25% said this) and that they spend on average $1,001 – $5,000 per employee (29% of respondents said this) to accomplish this. here’s an actual look at the exact retreat agenda that i shared with our team beforehand, so you can get a sense of how we incorporated sharing context, aligning the team, and fostering trust… after this retreat, “i’m leaving incredibly motivated” and “i now know exactly what we need to do” and “i’m so grateful for this team” were the most common sentiments verbalized by folks. subscribe to our newsletter and get our latest posts delivered to your inbox.

and prefer only one deep dive talk scheduled at a time, so nobody misses out on any of the brilliant ideas our team members have to share. while talking shop is certainly a priority, the goal of our retreats is to relax and connect in real time. remember you have a wide array of personalities on your team, and they might have fun hobbies or gadgets they’d be willing to bring along to enhance the retreat experience. it’s critical for each team to have dedicated opportunities to meet and plan for the future. the talks teach us something new, and they shine a spotlight on team members in a special way that’s hard to reproduce once we’re back to our normal grind.

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we even dedicate a room to it and jump right in to help our customer team. maybe a full day of pampering isn’t in the cards (or the budget), but a group outing to the nail salon can be a fabulous way to relax, socialize, and look and feel amazing! (it gives everyone a little more time to think and not feel put on the spot.) one of the best recruiting aces to have up your sleeve is to share a video that brings your company culture and energy to life. leah is the vp of people at help scout, a fully-remote company of 145 people building helpful, human customer support tools.

that being said, here’s our method for building a great team retreat agenda, and some examples to make yours great too! this should be balanced with the fact that it takes longer for some than others who are coming in from farther away, and adjusting to the local timezone or schedule will be different for each individual. allocate a period of time in your team retreat agenda for arrivals, and base this on everyone’s flights and arrivals.

break often, give extra time for lunch (to allow people to call home, or introverts to recharge their batteries) and aim to wrap up in the mid-afternoon on days where no offsite excursions or team-building activities are planned. the majority of the rest of the week followed a similar schedule – we encouraged morning workouts for anyone interested, with ‘team sessions’ to start and individual presentations called workshops that followed. we left plenty of time for leisure, and incorporated a few local excursions & tours to get us out and about in the city we called home for a week. contact us for more information regarding company offsites and corporate retreats, or if you’d like us to get started on a proposal for you and your team.