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social committee agenda template is a social committee agenda sample that gives infomration on social committee agenda design and format. when designing social committee agenda example, it is important to consider social committee agenda template style, design, color and theme. elaine lou cartas is an award-winning business & executive career coach and the ceo of elaine lou coaching, based in los angeles, california. with over 10+ years of professional experience, elaine guides women of color, and allies, who’ve established themselves in leadership and executive roles to create a holistic life so they can lead without sacrificing their well-being. elaine is also the host of the color your dreams podcast (/coloryourdreams/). in this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. social committees at work can be a fun way to get to know your co-workers and plan special events for them.

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if your company doesn’t already have one, you can ask your manager or hr representative about starting one. if you want to get to know your co-workers and plan special events for them, then ask to create a social committee at your workplace. you’ll also need to ask your manager to schedule a quick meeting to talk about it. if your manager said you could have your meetings during work hours, make sure to schedule them for times when it won’t interfere with other scheduled meetings. during your first meeting, vote on leadership positions and set some goals, like planning a charity 5k or a holiday party.

additionally, the committee contributes to employee engagement and retention. the social work committee should prepare to ensure a variety of sweet and savory treats for the event. the social committee can invite employees to bring in their favorite games and create board game spots. go-karting is a fun workplace outing for team-building, and the work social committee should not find it difficult to organize. with a three-course dinner and beverages, your staff can relax and socialize outside of the workplace.

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giving to charity is always a great initiative, and fundraising is among the most meaningful team building committee activities. this activity is also a great way to raise money for a good cause while having fun and adventure. an excellent place to start might be quarterly or monthly events, depending on your group’s size and the activities you are considering. measuring and reviewing the success of a social committee event at work is an important step. work social committee ideas may be a lot of fun for every team member involved, and there are genuine professional reasons to engage with coworkers outside of work. office social committees organize different work social activities or events to make the workplace more fun for employees.

when you have events outside of work hours, respect peoples personal lives and the proverbial “work/life balance” and don’t question people with other obligations. no joke, we had bake sales and other events to raise money for our events. but even when you are on expense account, keep track of everything and don’t fall into the trap that “the company is paying for it”. its fine to ask the employees what they want for events but let them know to be reasonable and they you are not santa claus, the easter bunny or hugh hefner. as important as it is to have their approval, you have to keep the balance of the committee and not let them take over.

also in line with that if you have raffles or giveaways, don’t include members of the social committee and management should be removed as well. its fine if management or the committee wants to thank each other (for working on an event), but don’t do it under the premise of something that is for the other employees, that again breaks the trust and people won’t want to participate in your events. you have to “sell the event”. instead focus on the event and what will go on and they will “miss out”, if they don’t participate. when it comes to food at events check with all participants on food allergies, vegetarians, vegans and have options for them. it’s the job of the committee not to burden employees with more stuff but to give them a break, so even when things may not be great, give them a break and partake in what have planned, trust me they worked hard on it and you will probably have a good time too.