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senior leadership meeting agenda template is a senior leadership meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on senior leadership meeting agenda design and format. when designing senior leadership meeting agenda example, it is important to consider senior leadership meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. while meetings can be a great time to brainstorm, budget, and check in with team members on progress, they can also cut into valuable time that could be spent accomplishing tasks that need to be done. leadership team meetings are a time for company leaders to discuss strategy and make key decisions about the past and future of the business. leadership team meetings should be held on a regular basis, but to be mindful of executives’ busy schedules, monthly or quarterly is usually a good cadence.

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board meetings are more budget-focused and while still internal-facing to the board, and are more formal than a leadership team meeting. harvard business review research reveals that over 65% of leadership team meetings aren’t called for the purpose of making a decision, but for information-sharing and operations updates. once everyone completes their memos 1-2 weeks before the leadership team meeting, assign everyone participating in the meeting to fully read and digest the memo contents, and you can use the contents of the memos to set the actual meeting agenda. set the meeting agenda to discuss a few of these core questions and decisions to be made, and share the agenda with attendees in advance.

the goal of executive staff meetings is to ensure that each department is adequately supported and aligned with the company’s mission and priorities. an operations meeting is the appropriate venue for leadership teams to review performance metrics (kpis), share team updates, and request feedback or resources from other departments. once identified, the leadership team can create an action plan to correct course and delegate necessary assignments to remove roadblocks. utilize a well-prepared agenda to structure the meeting discussions around predetermined goals and objectives.

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depending on the size of your company and the meeting goals, use the suggestions below to build your leadership meeting framework and create an effective plan for your next executive staff meeting. to kick off the main section of the meeting agenda, start by identifying the top objectives or issues that you and the team plan to address during the meeting. narrow the focus of the meeting to 3 – 5 relevant metrics that align with the goals or purpose of the meeting. in addition to the framework above, consider using free meeting templates in to help your executive team to stay organized, prepared, and aligned during every executive meeting. start-up board meeting – the start-up board meeting agenda is a modern adaptation of the formal board meeting agenda.