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secretary agenda template is a secretary agenda sample that gives infomration on secretary agenda design and format. when designing secretary agenda example, it is important to consider secretary agenda template style, design, color and theme. our common agenda is the secretary-general’s vision for the future of global cooperation. it outlines possible solutions to address the gaps and risks that have emerged since 2015, calling for a summit of the future that will be held in 2024. we request the secretary-general to report back before the end of the seventy-fifth session of the general assembly with recommendations to advance our common agenda and to respond to current and future challenges” – declaration on the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the united nations (september 2020) on the 75th anniversary of the united nations, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, member states pledged to strengthen global governance for present and future generations. in september 2021, the secretary-general responded with his report, our common agenda, a wake-up call to speed up the implementation of the sustainable development goals and propel the commitments contained in the un75 declaration. the general assembly welcomed the submission of our common agenda and passed a resolution to hold the summit on 22-23 september 2024, preceded by a ministerial meeting in 2023. an action-oriented pact for the future is expected to be agreed by member states through intergovernmental negotiations on issues they decide to take forward.

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in september 2021, responding to a request from the general assembly in its un75 declaration, the secretary-general released his our common agenda report. multilateral action has achieved an enormous amount over the past 75 years. our common agenda is aimed at turbocharging the 2030 agenda and making the sustainable development goals real in the lives of people everywhere. we will only make up lost ground by addressing the gaps and challenges that have emerged since 2015 – including gaps in intergovernmental cooperation.” — 4 — an upgraded un that is fit for a new era and can offer more relevant, system-wide, multilateral and multi-stakeholder solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

the secretary themselves will carry out all these duties and may also take a greater role in the day-to-day administration of the organisation. a minutes secretary, correspondence secretary and membership secretary). others delegate some of the administrative responsibilities to volunteers outside of the management committee to reduce the burden.

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each management committee will have its own way of doing things, and the way in which work is shared out can also depend on the skills, interests or amount of time that a person has to offer. names, addresses and telephone numbers) for the management committee and (where relevant) ordinary members of the organisation –  filing minutes and reports –  compiling lists of names and addresses that are useful to the organisation, including those of appropriate officials or officers of voluntary organisations –  keeping a record of the organisation’s activities –  keeping a diary of future activities upholding legal requirements –  acting as a custodian of the organisation’s governing documents –  checking quorum (minimum number of members who should be present) is present at meetings –  ensuring elections are in line with stipulated procedures –  ensuring organisation’s activities are in line with its objectives –  ensuring charity and company law requirements are met (where relevant, unless there is a separate company secretary) –  sitting on appraisal, recruitment and disciplinary panels, as required –  ensuring meetings are in person or online in line with governing document communication and correspondence –  responding to all committee correspondence –  filing all committee correspondence received and copies of replies sent –  keeping a record of any of the organisation’s publications (e.g. company limited by guarantee or a community interest company), you may also have a company secretary*, which is different from the role of an honorary secretary.

in the course of your career, as well as in other times of your life, you may well be asked to take the minutes of a meeting. the secretary has a role in making sure that the agenda is not overloaded, which may include discussing with the chair and others what could be postponed to a later meeting, and what could be covered in a written report. make sure that you know who is expected to attend the meeting. you should ensure that the chair is sitting centrally and that you are seated next to them.

if you are only reporting a brief summary of the discussion, plus any action points, then you can afford to listen to the discussion and then summarise it in note form. depending on the type of organisation, whether you are at a fairly junior level, or the role is voluntary and you’re an elected member of a committee, it’s probably best to discuss these responsibilities with the chair in advance to make sure that your intervention will be welcomed. make sure that you include all the key points made in discussion, any decisions made and actions agreed, together with who is responsible for actions. be aware that attendees may wish to correct any errors, and corrections will need to be incorporated in the next set of minutes.