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scrum sprint review template is a scrum sprint review sample that gives infomration on scrum sprint review design and format. when designing scrum sprint review example, it is important to consider scrum sprint review template style, design, color and theme. the sprint review is one of the five events of the scrum framework. having said that, you don’t need to think of it as a “meeting” in the traditional sense. there are five events:  sprint reviews don’t have to be the same-old meeting format. you should hold a sprint review before the sprint retrospective. a timebox is a maximum, and scrum teams don’t fill the entire time if they have achieved their objective before the end of the timebox. this is the scrum team’s opportunity to have a discussion with stakeholders and get valuable feedback. the sprint review is open to all stakeholders.

scrum sprint review format

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often, scrum teams invite individuals who have a stake in the most recent work they’ve completed. the product owner’s decisions are visible in the contents and ordering of the product backlog and in the inspectable increment. the scrum guide describes a four-hour timebox for the review if your sprint is one-month long. your scrum team may need to inspect how well the timebox works for your sprint review and modify it for future reviews if needed. your scrum team and context will be unique, and as part of a retrospective, you should discuss the best ways for your team to run the meeting, whether that involves the product owner guiding the review or a different format. the scrum team can share their outcomes and receive valuable stakeholder feedback in the sprint review. by leveraging the sprint review effectively, scrum teams can ensure they deliver value to their customers and meet stakeholder expectations.