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salon meeting agenda template is a salon meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on salon meeting agenda design and format. when designing salon meeting agenda example, it is important to consider salon meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. this will allow you to make the most of feedback review sessions, brainstorms, and meetings with your team members. a lot of time can be saved through effective team meetings, as they help everyone, from salon owners to the stylist team, focus and get on the same page. kick off with something relaxed and upbeat to get your hair styling team in the right mindset and encourage them to get involved. you could even begin with a simple activity or game to play to give staff a little fun and boost engagement right from the start.

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next, let’s take a look at some potential topics you can consider for your upcoming meetings to make each one successful and help you truly experience the benefits of teamwork in a salon: motivation, looking at programs and morale, in general, to help your staff have a winning mentality and the right frame of mind. invite a guest speaker to support your meetings, giving the team something different to look forward to and a chance for some extra business knowledge and education, too. carry out an anonymous feedback session where your salon employees can fill a box with things they like and possible areas of improvement in the business. you can use these tips, methods, and pieces of advice to make every meeting the best it can be and fill every agenda with relevant, effective points, rather than allowing your meetings to devolve into a waste of time and energy.

talking to hundreds of successful salon owners has convinced me that these are the meetings every salon needs to keep team performance and morale high. or maybe enjoying some red at home 🍷 the 1v1s should be a monthly affair, and don’t have to take more than an hour. giving your staff members the opportunity to speak first builds trust, and in my experience makes them far more open to feedback later in the meeting. tell them a story about how great personal service is at the heart of your business. i’d actually recommend using some slides to make it easier for you to hit on the points you want to hit. if you aren’t at least working for 1 or 2 hours every weekend, you’re probably falling behind.

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a quarterly post mortem gives all of your people the chance to share their feelings with the rest of the team, and to release their build up of steam. i recommend doing the post mortem on a friday afternoon, and to schedule a team celebration afterwards to give the quarter that passed some well deserved closure. encourage people to give praise where praise is due going around the table, each participant reads out loud one thing they wrote from their post its and puts in on a wall. other than that, and a brief explanation of the concept of the post mortem that should be given at the beginning of the meeting, not much more is needed. after having talked to hundreds of successful salon owners, these are the meetings i think work the best across the board for salons to keep team performance and morale high. discover how to smoothly implement salon price increases with our guide.

they get everyone together, engage them and provide you with the opportunity to motivate them to do their best work, and to get them all on the same page. decide what the goal of the meeting is and create an agenda listing all the important topics that need to be covered. if necessary, ask other attendees if they have any items to add to the agenda. remember to list the items in priority order when creating an agenda. it’s harder to stay focussed and people may choose not to contribute in an attempt to reduce the time they have to be there, so try to keep them short and sweet. it’s also important to stick to the agreed upon timeline for the meeting, that means starting on time, and finishing on time. a good way to do this is to offer to take these conversations “offline” and have them at another time. team meetings are also a great time to recognise both individual and team successes, so when your team members meet their goals, or do something great, celebrate them!

it’ll make your team feel good and motivate them to continue working hard for your business. they may have a great idea to share and their feedback could lead to an initiative that really helps to improve your business. you need your salon, spa or clinic to succeed, and you can’t get there alone. make sure you check in at the next meeting to see if everyone is still on track and decide which tasks to tackle next. team meetings are a great time to incorporate fun team building and learning activities. meetings are great for keeping your team and your business on track and on the same page. use the tips above to make sure you’re holding effective team meetings, and also check out our blog about making the most of your one-on-one meetings, to ensure your meetings are the best they can be! it contains tips for creating your dream team that you can action immediately.