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reunion agenda template is a reunion agenda sample that gives infomration on reunion agenda design and format. when designing reunion agenda example, it is important to consider reunion agenda template style, design, color and theme. with so many moving parts and endless details to consider, you need a foolproof plan to ensure a memorable and successful event. using this template, you can streamline your planning process and keep everyone on the same page. use clickup’s class reunion meeting agenda template to plan the ultimate reunion and create memories that will last a lifetime! planning a class reunion can be a daunting task, but with the class reunion meeting agenda template, you’ll have everything you need to stay organized and on track. follow these six steps to effectively use the class reunion meeting agenda template: before you start planning the meeting agenda, clearly define the purpose and objectives of the reunion. choose a convenient date, time, and location for the meeting. consider the availability of the reunion committee members and make sure the venue is suitable for the number of attendees expected.

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organize the agenda in a logical order to ensure a smooth flow of the meeting. assign time slots for each agenda item to ensure that the meeting stays on track and doesn’t run over time. use the gantt chart in clickup to visually allocate time slots for each agenda item and keep track of the meeting progress. this will help distribute the workload and make the meeting more efficient. utilize automations in clickup to automatically assign tasks to committee members based on the agenda items they are responsible for. by following these steps and utilizing the class reunion meeting agenda template in clickup, you can effectively plan and execute successful class reunion meetings that will help create lasting memories for everyone involved. class reunion planning committees or organizers can use this class reunion meeting agenda template to ensure smooth and efficient discussions and progress tracking for planning a memorable event.

the suggestions in this book apply to a reunion with as little as 50 classmates or more than 500, and they are valid if you are planning a 5-year reunion or a 50-year reunion. classmates who visit the website will see it as a sign that you are serious about the reunion and will help to spread the word. if you are planning a reunion of a significant size, you may want to create business cards with the name of the school, the reunion year, and your school mascot on them. there is a lot of planning needed for the event since it includes the actual reunion and everything that happens that night (detailed in part iv). for each task, you will have a task description, the name of the committee member assigned to the task, committee expectations regarding the task, and a due date by which the task must be completed. if you are using a reunion website, you do not have to use the rsvp page, but it can give you more information for planning purposes. you can follow up with these people to see what their intention is and encourage them to buy a ticket or at least rsvp one way or the other. you need to decide what is most important to your class and spend the money on the deluxe things that will mean the most to your particular class.step 5: finalize your ticket pricethis is a committee decision. conversely, if you think that a $75 price is too high, you will need to cut out certain things from the budget.step 6: committee members buy the first ticketsat the first or second meeting, members of the reunion committee should buy tickets for themselves and their dates. in addition to making it easier for your classmates, you will save yourself a trip to the bank by selling tickets on your website. after you have negotiated your best price with a vendor, try to get an extra 5-10% discount in return for a position on the website and in printed materials. you can ask classmates for general cash donations towards the reunion, and the best way to do this is on the website. if you received donations in the form of goods and services, this could be a good place for those items. in that case you may want to do more than one of the above. you can ask your school to put a link to your reunion website on the high school website, and to mention the upcoming reunion in any newsletters.

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when you get a wrong number, inquire if you are speaking to a relative of the classmate as this can end up being your next lead. if you have a scanner, you can scan your flyer and upload it to your reunion website and facebook group page. click on features to see all the things you can do with your reunion website, and click on testimonials to see why myevent is the best choice for your class reunion website. this can give you important planning information and give you a list to follow up with as the reunion approaches. if you are using the website and getting people to register with their contact information (including email address), you will build a list that you can use to communicate for the months ahead. if you come from a small tight-knit class and most of you still keep in touch, you can simply send the save the date notice by email. people will be more likely to come to the reunion if they see that it will be well-attended. so, where you have the reunion may be a function of what is available. keep in mind though that the priority is to get a wellattended reunion, so give them dates that you have already determined will work for the majority of the class. themewhen setting the tone for your reunion, you do not need to plan a theme. be sure to include a list of all the classmates checking in. the general rule is that if you have to ask if a certain category or prize is in good taste, assume it is not. if someone on the committee is experienced at shooting and editing video, this can be assigned to them as a task. dvds are great if you don’t have the time to prepare. set-up & take-downeven if you have done your homework and are expecting the set-up to be a breeze, there will inevitably be some small bumps the day of the event. a fl oat is a sum of money that you keep in your cash box at the beginning of the event so that change can be provided.