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retreat agenda template is a retreat agenda sample that gives infomration on retreat agenda design and format. when designing retreat agenda example, it is important to consider retreat agenda template style, design, color and theme. that being said, here’s our method for building a great team retreat agenda, and some examples to make yours great too! this should be balanced with the fact that it takes longer for some than others who are coming in from farther away, and adjusting to the local timezone or schedule will be different for each individual. allocate a period of time in your team retreat agenda for arrivals, and base this on everyone’s flights and arrivals.

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break often, give extra time for lunch (to allow people to call home, or introverts to recharge their batteries) and aim to wrap up in the mid-afternoon on days where no offsite excursions or team-building activities are planned. the majority of the rest of the week followed a similar schedule – we encouraged morning workouts for anyone interested, with ‘team sessions’ to start and individual presentations called workshops that followed. we left plenty of time for leisure, and incorporated a few local excursions & tours to get us out and about in the city we called home for a week. contact us for more information regarding company offsites and corporate retreats, or if you’d like us to get started on a proposal for you and your team.

try to remember the basic contours of the agenda. your board members gave up a friday night and full day on saturday. you should make sure to do the opposite. i will never work on a board retreat if i don’t first meet with both the ed and board chair and feel a sense that they are co-pilots in designing this retreat. sorry to break it to you, but a critical component of a retreat is to build a team, for board members to get to know and appreciate one another. if your ed doesn’t want the board to dig into something meaty at a retreat, set her straight.

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related to #4, if your facilitator is not bringing substance to the table, if s/he can’t challenge, poke and prod to get that meaty conversation to a very engaging place, it won’t get there. 2. each board member feels a sense of ownership of the success of the retreat. every board member should be asked a few key questions ahead of time and the answers should shape the design of the agenda: 3. the work must come to life at the retreat. one way is to do this is for the staff to tee up an issue and then outline possible paths or raise a series of questions that the board and staff can then grapple with together. bonus: task a small group of board and staff with follow up from the retreat. i hope you find the sample with annotations to be helpful as you consider investing time and energy into a board retreat. done well, they are a critical element of ensuring that your board is engaged, enriched and informed, enabling them to be the high functioning board “engine” your organization – and the community you serve – need and deserve.