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quarterly planning agenda template is a quarterly planning agenda sample that gives infomration on quarterly planning agenda design and format. when designing quarterly planning agenda example, it is important to consider quarterly planning agenda template style, design, color and theme. how you plan has a huge impact on the success of your organization. in this blog, we’ll share how to take advantage of quarterly planning just in time for the start of your next fiscal year: quarterly planning is a strategic way to move towards your company’s objectives. annual planning is the lens giving you a wide view. quarterly planning improves alignment and engagement on a number of levels. when you sit down with your team to set goals and plan for the next quarter it: quarterly planning is an opportunity to get buy-in and align with your team on what you’ll be working towards, and collaborate on how you’ll get there.

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it’s a chance to check in on the overall trajectory of your project and business. once you’ve brainstormed, chances are you have a laundry list of items you’d like your team to work on. an important part of the quarterly planning process is zooming out to see what else will be happening in the upcoming months that may impact your plan. once you have a more holistic understanding of your goals, priorities and upcoming events, you can get a better pulse on potential obstacles. it can be tricky knowing where to start if you haven’t created a quarterly plan before. try hypercontext’s quarterly planning meeting agenda template to kickoff your quarterly planning.

at the beginning of a quarter, we’re all clear on what is important, and what to de-prioritise. as long as everyone on your team understands what you want to achieve, and there is a clear way to measure whether you achieve it or not by the end of your planned period. the goal of this workshop is to align team members on what should be the priorities they collectively focus on in the coming period. it is a good opportunity to show the accountability (org) chart of the organization to put into perspective, what is the scope we are dealing with in this workshop: we start by giving the opportunity for everyone to list all the things they think we should do in the upcoming quarter. after the round of presentation is done, consider if it is time for a break.

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either way, what you want to achieve here is that there is a clear and distinct list of initiatives that people can vote on in the next step. if needed, you may give a few minutes of thinking time to the team leader, but often this will be clear by the time you start with this segment of the workshop. the main thing is that the team is clear on what they want to achieve. the end result is that everyone can see, who wants to contribute to a specific initiative, and it also makes it easier for the team leader to decide on how to distribute the ownership of rocks within the team. read on to learn a step-by-step approach to breaking the process of planning a workshop into small, manageable chunks.