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project review meeting template is a project review meeting sample that gives infomration on project review meeting design and format. when designing project review meeting example, it is important to consider project review meeting template style, design, color and theme. project review preparation: this project has been the sole focus of your working day for the past few weeks, months or maybe even years. any project manager worth their salt will ensure to run a project review as the last step of completion. in most cases, the ideal is a mix of the two, but always with a good project review preparation. project review meetings, also referred as retrospectives, are meetings between project team members and a project manager to discuss the project experience. primarily, a project review is about understanding and improving performance and processes to make future projects successful. as a member of the project team, there’s plenty you can do to prepare for your next project review meeting.

project review meeting format

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having a clear and fresh memory on the project will massively help you to focus on the key areas that you want to discuss during the review. have a think about what you’d like to discuss in the meeting and what you’d like to get from it. it might be that you felt a key skill required for the project was missing and you’d like to learn it. you can get a clearer understanding of why the project panned out the way it did during the project review preparation. would you take a different approach to a particular part of the project were you to run it again? a huge element of the project review meetings should be about how you develop yourself. ensure your pm gives you time to ask each and provides an answer.