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project planning workshop agenda template is a project planning workshop agenda sample that gives infomration on project planning workshop agenda design and format. when designing project planning workshop agenda example, it is important to consider project planning workshop agenda template style, design, color and theme. this is the 3rd post in a 4 part series on planning workshops. this post will cover the running of the workshop. it is important to give yourself sufficient time to set-up so you are not rushed and feel stressed (not the right frame of mind to start a workshop). to do this you should use blu-tack (or similar) as this allows items to be placed temporarily onto walls with minimum risk of marking / damaging the wall (note: you should test in a discrete place that the walls will not be marked). this should be used to place all of the post-it notes that have been prepared for the milestones. placing them on to sheets means that all of the milestones can be easily viewed before placing on the timeline. the “car park” allows the item to be noted and dealt with outside of the session. it is the job of the facilitator to close down these conversations in a timely manner where it is clear that resolution will not be reached.

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place them on the table so that attendees can grab when they are in need of an energy boost during the session. facilitator should confirm the purpose and objectives of the session to make sure that everyone agrees to the common goals. this should be collectively reviewed, refined and agreed by all participants before starting the interactive part of the workshop. this is the main part of the session. this sharing of information will highlight areas of concern and these can be captured on the sheets hanging on the wall for all to view. it is then important for all participants to review the time line, raids that have been captured and confirm they are happy with the draft. at the end of the session the facilitator must summarise and then advise on next steps i.e. after the session is complete, the items needs to be carefully removed from the walls so that they can be written up. following the above will allow you to execute a fun, interactive planning session that results in an agreed draft plan.

this is a method for individuals and teams to define the structure, direction and first steps of a project. this can either be a “living” document that develops with the project it can be left as just a clear and concise record of the starting-point. the exercise allows teams to examine multiple aspects of an event or project in order to form original ideas on how it can be enhanced in the future. personal kanban is a tool for organizing your work to be more efficient and productive. this process is used to aid in planning projects by showing all activities that have to take place in the chronological order so as to reach a goal. by using squid, a group charts out the territory as they go and can navigate accordingly.

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this game has been designed to gather facts and opinions from the participants on different aspects of the issue at stake. it will help gain and share insight from all points of view, since everyone will have had the chance to contribute. usually after things have already gone horribly wrong or off-track, members of the team gather in a “postmortem” to sagely reflect on what bad assumptions and courses of action added up to disaster. unlike a more formal risk analysis, the pre-mortem asks team members to directly tap into their experience and intuition, at a time when it is needed most, and is potentially the most useful. dragon dreaming is a process for creating and achieving collective dreams, which involves four phases: dreaming, planning, doing, and celebrating. please, use another browser (chrome, firefox, edge) for best performance.