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project kick off template is a project kick off sample that gives infomration on project kick off design and format. when designing project kick off example, it is important to consider project kick off template style, design, color and theme. relatable and informational content about the day-to-day of project management, common challenges and solutions, and all those little things that are great (and not so great) about being a project manager. fundamentally, it’s about alignment: the project kickoff is an opportunity to establish common goals and the purpose of the work, whether the project is external or an internal one. you can think of the project kickoff meeting as having two parts: a pre-client kickoff meeting, and a client kickoff meeting. it’s also a good idea to have a project kickoff meeting presentation, in the form of a slide deck, to accompany your agenda.

project kick off overview

you might think of an internal project kickoff meeting as being a quick 10-minute chat with the internal team in the meeting room just before the client walks in. the purpose of an internal project kickoff is to bring the project team up to speed on an external project and properly prepare them for the official kickoff meeting with the client. but if done correctly, agile project kickoffs can add a lot of value and provide clarity to the team for projects that are using agile methodologies such as scrum. for more on project kickoffs and other key project management processes, subscribe to the digital project manager newsletter.

a good kickoff meeting shares the purpose of the project, forecasts milestones, and inspires the team to succeed. you’ll want to identify your project sponsor, project leader, facilitator, core team, and stakeholders. have the project sponsor, project leader, and facilitator meet before the meeting to draft a preliminary vision, mission, and mission tests. for remote teams, create a collaboration document using one of the templates above if you’d like and share with the team in advance. this is the most important aspect of the project kickoff: sharing a purpose provides inspiration and meaning to the people involved in the project. then break attendees into three groups (if the team is remote and your video conferencing software has a breakout function, use it for this portion): team vision, team mission, and team mission tests. you can (and should) refine them later in the project as you uncover new information. the project kickoff play is flexible and should be adapted to your team.

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project kick off guide

see if there are other plays you can run that would set the team and project up for success. in a separate session or at the end of the play if there’s time, go through your project’s proposed timeline. as the project progresses, revisit the timeline with the team to update it with your progress and re-estimate proposed dates. it might be a good time to set some objectives and key results. or if during your kickoff session, the team realized a decision needs to be made for an aspect of the project, try a daci decision-making framework play to determine next steps for solving it. determine a set of operational guidelines the core team agrees to in order to create an environment for the project’s success. follow the working agreements play to set the groundwork for your team’s culture and behaviors. you’ll refine your agreements as the project continues.

a kickoff meeting is a crucial first step in getting a new project off on the right foot. the project kickoff meeting agenda is your blueprint for making this happen. the purpose of the meeting is to ensure everyone understands the objectives of the project and knows what their role will be. yet, a project kickoff meeting isn’t just a chance for the project manager to give a long speech about the project. when kicking off a project with your team, the agenda will be more focused on the nuts and bolts of how the project will run. a project kickoff meeting agenda allows you to keep track of what you need to do, who should attend the meeting, and what you need to discuss.

the next item on the agenda is a review of the project goals and objectives. if there are any changes to the project goals or objectives since the last meeting, this is also an opportunity to update everyone on those changes. no project is without risks, so this is your chance to identify them and get everyone’s input on how to mitigate them. by outlining them in a risk register, you can make sure everyone is aware. the next item on the agenda is to finalize roles and responsibilities. the next item on the agenda is a q&a session, allowing everyone in the room to ask any questions they have about the project before it begins. and that’s exactly what you need to get your project off to a great start!