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press conference agenda template is a press conference agenda sample that gives infomration on press conference agenda design and format. when designing press conference agenda example, it is important to consider press conference agenda template style, design, color and theme. holding a press conference is a simple, effective way to communicate your message with the media. because: you and your organization could hold a press conference whenever there is an event your organization wants to inform the community about. if you do have lead time, however, you and your group will want to start planning at least a week or two before the press conference is to take place. you and your group will need to determine a date and time for the press conference, and make sure it doesn’t conflict with other press events or media deadlines.

press conference agenda format

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in addition to the press conference participants, you will need to find a moderator who is experienced with the press and the issue. you will also want to have a press advisory prepared and mailed about one week ahead of time to inform the media about the press conference. when the big day finally arrives, there are a number of things you and your group can do to help your press conference run as smoothly as possible. how to hold a press conference, from the western organization of resource councils, is a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for a press conference. it includes 10 steps for a successful press conference as well as other related checklists (e.g., setting up a press conference).