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pre meeting template is a pre meeting sample that gives infomration on pre meeting design and format. when designing pre meeting example, it is important to consider pre meeting template style, design, color and theme. in a prior post dedicated to creating effective meeting agendas, we discussed how a well-designed agenda helps to establish expectations and focus attention. pre-work is any task, activity, or documentation that should be reviewed or completed prior to a meeting taking place. if meeting agendas are the travel itineraries of meetings, then pre-work is akin to the preparation taken before leaving on a trip. as an executive assistant, it’s your job to ensure that meeting attendees are thinking ahead about the topics that will be discussed, formulating ideas and solutions, and familiarizing themselves with the other participants. if the executive you support is facilitating the meeting, use pre-work to help him or her lead the meeting with confidence. ensure that he or she has background information on all of the participants and enough time to develop focused questions and comments that will steer the meeting in the right direction.

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send pre-work at least 48 hours before the meeting to give participants enough time to read through the material and organize their thoughts. when sending meeting participants pre-work, never assume that they understand the actions that need to be taken. instead, summarize key points and provide links to further information when possible. briefly explain how pre-work material relates to the meeting agenda so that participants feel compelled to take action. much of the work that goes into running a successful meeting happens before the meeting ever takes place. by going the extra mile and taking ownership of the pre-meeting planning stages, you will set your executive and fellow teammates up for success.

think of the list of books your school would give you to read over the summer. pre-work is the discovery work that comes before a workshop or meeting. before you go into a job interview, you (hopefully) research the industry, the organization, and the position to which you’re applying. if you allow your team an opportunity to learn something and respond to that learning before the session, it helps ensure that people arrive prepared and connected to the topic at hand. pre-work requires that you have a clear schedule and intended outcome planned for the meeting. this keeps your participants from tuning out, and makes it easier to jump into the main action of the meeting.

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while you should always plan out an agenda, pre-work helps participants come to the workshop or meeting with the main topics fresh in their minds. let’s go through the current steps that customers take to find it. included below are two templates: one for designing impactful pre-work for your participants and another for them to add in any deliverables or learnings from the assignment. this pre-work template provides a space for participants to add any pre-work deliverables into a shared space to be discussed during the working session. pre-work allows you to hold efficient, collaborative, and personalized sessions with your team. as pre-work becomes a part of your culture, teammates will show up ready to dive right in—generating trust, confidence, and alignment amongst the team.

because of this, pre-planning is vital to ensure meeting objectives are met and that communications during the meeting flow smoothly. planning activities such as selecting a meeting facilitator, establishing clear meeting objectives and creating an agenda are vital for effective communication. once the meeting ends, a facilitator is responsible for ensuring meeting minutes are properly recorded and any follow-up is handled before the next scheduled meeting. establishing clear meeting objectives during pre-planning is a first step to effective communication. meeting objectives state the reasons for holding the meeting and the expected outcome. for example, the goal of a project management meeting might be a status update, or the goal of a finance meeting might be to discuss an upcoming audit.

an effective agenda — most often sent a few days to a week in advance of the meeting — promotes effective communication by clearly relating objectives to action steps, keeping participants on track and focused. a meeting agenda starts with the date, time and location of the meeting. a project management meeting may require a status update from each attendee and an audit meeting might require a readiness report from each department head. setting ground rules as part of the pre-planning process or just before the meeting starts is crucial for effective communication. a list of what won’t be tolerated, such as name-calling or personal attacks can also be included. ground rules ensure attendees are able to communicate freely without the fear of ridicule or reprisal form other meeting attendees.