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pre convention meeting agenda template is a pre convention meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on pre convention meeting agenda design and format. when designing pre convention meeting agenda example, it is important to consider pre convention meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. a pre-con (pre-conference) is a meeting that takes place with stakeholders usually the day before the event. an agenda is prepared before the pre-con by the convention service manager at the host property and is reviewed by the meeting planner and operations manager prior to the pre-con. it is a good idea for the meeting planner or a member of the organization doing the event to provide an overview, objectives and goals that are to be accomplished. the tone of the event starts when people arrive to the meeting destination and how they are initially treated is an important first step for the success of your event. this is the time the meeting planner needs to ask specific questions about standard procedures, staffing and timeline for each area.

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the pre-con meeting for conferences have begun to change in the last few years for our organization. in the past we would request a pre-con meeting the day before the event with the appropriate stakeholders. recently, we have begun a “pre” pre-con meeting two to three weeks before the date of the event with the hotel event services manager, host destination service manager and audio-visual personnel to review the event resume in detail by phone. we then still have our pre-con meeting the day before the event that is now much shorter and concise, usually with far fewer surprises. it is important for all involved to understand your expectations and what is required for a successful event. he is the president and ceo for each of these organizations.

the following is based on pre-convention meeting criteria created by chicago-based financial & insurance conference planners ( and keri dool, meeting manager for dallas-based meeting professionals international ( plan to discuss important information about the meeting, including the sponsoring firm’s expectations.• set a date and time. at this time, planners also should be able to conduct a final walk-through of all facilities being used.• involve all relevant parties, including key members of the planning team, convention services manager, managers from each department servicing the meeting (such as housekeeping, catering, security and a/v) and any suppliers instrumental to the meeting’s success.

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what to bring• business cards• an organizational chart of the company’s attendees and/or pictures of vips, if available• sample signatures of persons authorized to approve charges for the master account• an updated reservation list• a contact list for key members of the planning team talking points• overall company profile/mission statement• group demographics (age, gender breakdown, etc. typically, the conference services manager introduces the planner, who introduces the others on the planning staff. usually a member of the planning staff stays after the pre-con to discuss specific issues with the catering or f&b manager. copyright © 2024 by northstar travel media llc.

once you have a reliable pre-event checklist template in hand, you also make scaling your event strategy from event to event more effortless than ever. keep reading for our pre-event checklists that will help you optimize conference and event planning. on top of that, providing an in-person conference can look great for your company by positioning it as a key industry player with deep connections to other organizations and business leaders. with all this in mind, let’s look at a few can’t-miss items on your pre-event checklist template for an in-person conference. ☐ determine engagement and networking tools you can use to enhance the event, like polls, q&a, chat, 1:1 meetings, and live giveaways.

☐ go through the necessary steps to achieve ada compliance for your event. according to markletic, the average no-show percentage for virtual events is now 35% — a no-show rate higher than for in-person events. as such, ensuring your platform and network can support a virtual event before the big day is vital. you’ll need the pre-event in-person and virtual checklists, without a doubt, but you’ll also want to add some additional items to your checklist. you don’t want to tell your virtual attendees that you can’t wait to see them at the conference center when they’ll be attending in your virtual venue, right?