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plc agenda template is a plc agenda sample that gives infomration on plc agenda design and format. when designing plc agenda example, it is important to consider plc agenda template style, design, color and theme. what leaders must realize is that their teachers are in the midst of a constant competition for their time and attention. it is there to create a system around the deep, and often difficult, conversations that create growth and learning. rather, an agenda is an incredibly useful tool for any and all meetings that we ever attend. if the goal is to respect each other’s time, then let’s use a tool that helps us stay on track to make the most of our minutes. a great way to share the responsibility and increase collaboration is to make it a norm that everyone will take turns capturing the discussion in the notes.

plc agenda format

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avoid what i used to do (making multiple copies of the document in a folder–sorry english department!) these pieces are helpful, needed, and suggested…but these are not the core of a plc conversation. plcs need to be comfortable not always answering each of the four questions, and this is especially true for mixed groups or singletons that work together. feedback is absolutely needed, but coaches and admin need to be very purposeful in the types of feedback offered. i know it can be tempting to want to scoff at the idea that we need an agenda in our meetings, but the truth is we just do.