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parking lot meeting template is a parking lot meeting sample that gives infomration on parking lot meeting design and format. when designing parking lot meeting example, it is important to consider parking lot meeting template style, design, color and theme. you’re ready to get through your entire agenda (on time, this time), you’ve had your coffee, and you’re determined not to be derailed. a seemingly innocent comment about an unrelated topic distracts several of your team members, and the meeting just can’t continue until the issue is resolved. if you find your meetings are frequently hijacked by unproductive rabbit trails, the parking lot method can help you get back on track. the idea behind a meeting “parking lot” is that if ideas arise that aren’t relevant to the meeting agenda, those topics are set aside. this helps keep track of important items that may not be useful to discuss in the current meeting. adding items that aren’t quite on-topic to a parking lot helps keep meetings more focused and productive. making the items in your parking lot visible to everyone in the meeting serves several purposes. a visible parking lot can also spur creativity.

parking lot meeting overview

using the parking lot method is an excellent way to encourage attendees to think critically. if someone knows in advance that their idea will likely be parked, they can add it to the lot after the meeting has ended. once you’ve made it through your entire agenda, it’s time to head to the parking lot. for every issue in the lot, check to see if the topic still needs to be addressed. if it does need to be addressed, you can either extend the meeting and discuss it, or assign ownership of the topic to a specific individual, and then schedule a follow-up meeting on that topic. are some issues regularly assigned to the parking lot? once your team learns to use the parking lot method, meetings become more productive, more intentional, and even more creative. interested in more ways to boost your productivity? you’re one step closer to harnessing your challenges and opportunities to make the world a better place.

yes, you should use a meeting parking lot (or bike lot or whatever term works for you). items can be added to the parking lot andâ  assigned to folks or noted for discussion at a later date. meetings—especially dynamic ones— have a tendency to drift. sometimes your discussion has led to a lot of wonderful ideating, but some of it can’t be resolved with the current group or within the allotted time for the meeting. the participants in the meeting will consider these topics important to discuss.â  a parking lot allows the group to acknowledge the importance of the topic and hold the boundaries of what should be discussed during the meeting.â  start by establishing a designated space (in-person or virtual) to capture the ideas as they come up.

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when someone mentions an idea or issue that is off-agenda but still important, ask them to add the idea to the parking lot.â  for most in-person meetings, a flip chart or designated area of the white board will suffice. for some meetings, you might find it worthwhile to get a little fancy and have multiple parking lots, or variations of the tool. for example, an innovation or brainstorming meeting might benefit from an “additional ideas” parking lot for ideas that surface related to other projects. the parking lot concept can be useful both at bringing the conversation back on track and capturing meeting progress. the next time you lead a meeting, give the parking lot a try and notice how it affects the dynamics of the discussion.â

it is used to keep a conversation on-topic without losing good ideas that are not relate to the current topic. the parking lot is a list of the off-topic items. if a parking lot is not familiar to the participants of a meeting, it is a good idea to explain how it works to the group before using it. later, the items on the parking lot are discussed. make sure you follow through and address the parking lot items. also, the topics that come up this way are often related to risks or necessary activities that were forgotten. the follow-up can be at a meeting specifically to cover the parking lot, at other regular meetings, or incorporated into related meetings (such as a meeting on risks). it’s often useful to gather more information or invite other participants to the follow-up.

since the topic wasn’t considered in the selection of attendees for the earlier meeting, you may not have the right expertise or decision makers in the meeting where the parking lot topic arose. once a parking lot or similar technique becomes a familiar part of the organization’s meetings, there are multiple benefits. (2) it is less likely that participants will be distracted from completing what needs to be said about the agenda topic. the parking lot items can be captured in a variety of ways. use a method that fits into the struture of your meetings. still other teams will record the parking lot items in displayed meeting notes or a shared electronic file. in selecting a method, choose one that fits into the way you run your meetings. another factor is which method will be least disruptive to the initial meeting.