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okr review meeting agenda template is a okr review meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on okr review meeting agenda design and format. when designing okr review meeting agenda example, it is important to consider okr review meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. okr review meetings are short, intimate meetings where teammates or peers gather to discuss okrs and progress. while your teammates or peers share their biggest achievements, you should be prepared to discuss next steps and identify what your priorities will be for the upcoming week. when determining how much time to set aside for your okr review meeting, it’s best to reference your okr review meeting agenda template. to hold your teammates accountable, it’s important that you conduct frequent okr review meetings that allow teammates to share their wins and discuss any challenges that may be preventing them from reaching your shared goals. to host an effective okr review meeting that leaves your teammates feeling energized and engaged, it’s important to first prepare for the meeting by sourcing and leveraging a comprehensive okr review meeting agenda template.

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this section of the okr review meeting agenda template should be used to track progress so you and your teammates can gauge success as it pertains to your pre-defined goals. this section of the okr review meeting agenda template should be used to discuss blockers and solutions. discussing key learnings and insights to date will help your team make more informed decisions in the future. this section of the okr review meeting agenda template should be used to discuss what needs to be accomplished to move the needle and how you will go about accomplishing it. i love how lightweight and easy it is to use. with 100+ people in 32 different countries, fellow was one of the tools that took our remote meetings from confusion to clarity.”

the okr review is one of the four major events in the okr process, along with okr planning, okr weekly, and okr retrospective. the purpose here is to evaluate and analyze, why okrs were achieved or not achieved. in addition, okr reviews help to find a baseline for the okrs of the next cycle or to decide whether certain okrs are still relevant or not. in this exercise, the list of objectives is simply gone through from beginning to end. the key results themselves do not need to be listed, as this would just make the list harder to read.

okr review meeting agenda format

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okr review meeting agenda guide

after working through the okrs according to the previous exercise, a number of objectives have probably already been identified that will be carried into the next cycle. at this point, it is important to document a short list and create a common understanding of why the objectives should be included. firstly, it is essential that every team member is up to speed by the start of the next cycle. this collective knowledge also serves as a starting point for the formulation of goals for the next cycle. in this way, a climate of continuous improvement is intended to be created. and last but not least: an okr review at the end of a successful cycle strengthens the team spirit and boosts motivation for the next cycle.

okr reviews are the backbone of employee performance in the objectives and key results. this action keeps both the team leaders and employees focused and on track. at the beginning of an okr journey, a bi-weekly review must be conducted to discuss progress, challenges, behind or at-risk okrs, and priorities for the next cycle. typically an okr review is conducted at the end of a cycle, but leaving these crucial check-ins for the end of an okr cycle can lead to disaster. the purpose of an okr review is to evaluate and analyze what the employees have achieved so far, why they have or have not achieved their set goals, challenges, and how they plan to move forward. in essence, an okr review is done to keep both team leaders and their members engaged and committed, throughout the cycle. okrs help defines the foundation of the next cycle and decides whether or not certain objectives and key results are relevant. okr review meetings are the core of the okr methodology. without okr review meetings workers are bound to lose commitment, struggle with challenges, and underdeliver – wasting valuable time and financial resources.

ensure you start the meeting off on a positive note. remind them that the meeting is mainly for learning, improving, and constructive criticism. let them know that the review will be focused on the past cycle. remind them that the main focus is the okr achievement and not the okr process. here, you will go through the list of objectives from top to bottom. after analyzing the okrs, some might be marked to be transferred to the next cycle especially if the okrs are to be achieved but play a strategic role in the growth of the company. document a list with valid reasons why these okrs should be included in the next cycle. identify the person responsible for documenting all tasks during the okr meeting to ensure all details are safe and available for the next okr planning and drafting procedure. you’re free to add and modify the list to suit your company.