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okr meeting agenda template is a okr meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on okr meeting agenda design and format. when designing okr meeting agenda example, it is important to consider okr meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. learn here how succinct meetings about metric-based progress on collectively decided upon okrs allow teams to avoid endless status updates and save everyone time. the round-robin of department updates, one person talking, people half-listening, or checking out on their phone. one reason is that often meetings feel like they only exist to fill a designated time slot, versus what we expect them to do. a meeting with okrs makes it clear what the priorities are, compared to the broader individual or departmental updates. when a meeting is focused on common priorities and clearly-defined benchmarks of progress, we’re more likely to walk away with a shared understanding of why a meeting was important, and what’s important to do before the next one. if these key results are lagging, do we have the right plan in place to get back on track and meet our goals?

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without okrs, meetings often center on activities rather than the amount of progress relative to the goal. kavin mittal, ceo of hike messenger, one of the world’s largest messaging apps, uses okrs to help refine their meeting agendas and focus conversations on the important things. more importantly, it allowed them to decentralize their management processes nearly entirely. this gives teams more room to focus on ‘real work’ and be ‘in the zone’ more often.” okr coach peter kappus gives another, real-world example of how to “get in the zone.” after a few months of using okrs, one client’s senior leadership team discovered they could do away with their weekly two-hour status meeting and replace it with “a highly focused 15-minute conversation about their okrs. a best practice is to dedicate the beginning of every meeting to your okrs. this sets up the meeting and provides a visual and reference to what matters as a group.

there are a number of scheduled okr meetings that you will want to ensure happen as part of any okr implementation. having a strategy and having goals in an okr format by themselves does not deliver results. if you can establish these five meetings in your diaries and commit to attending them there is a very good chance that you will unlock your company and team’s potential. with zokri teams can share and discuss their weekly priorities in a meeting using the priorities agenda item. you should also discuss relevant kpis at the same time as these are likely to support okr achievement and create a general awareness of metrics that matter in your teams. at the end of a quarter you always want to discuss and capture the reflections and learnings from working towards an okr.

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a okr meeting agenda sample is a type of document that creates a copy of itself when you open it. The doc or excel template has all of the design and format of the okr meeting agenda sample, such as logos and tables, but you can modify content without altering the original style. When designing okr meeting agenda form, you may add related information such as

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learnings in the format of: keep, start and stop doing are another great point of reflection for okr that you will probably want to systemise. if you’re a leader of a company you need to lead by example and not only share your okrs but share the progress of your okrs with your teams. as you can see, during a typical okr cycle there are a number of scheduled and prepared for okr meetings that you should consider making must-attend meetings. everything you need to run a great okr meeting is on screen and designed to work as well on a tv screen as a laptop. the agenda and cadence of meetings is entirely up to you. teams can work in a more aligned and autonomous way with the need to constantly synchronise.

okr meetings can be some of the most useful meetings if done correctly. meetings should be short, attendants well prepared, and the meeting agenda should be to the point. this post will cover how to have the best okr meetings and the meeting structure that allows teams to be most efficient. before inviting your team to your first meetings, you should prepare a meeting agenda that will help invitees to prepare themselves for the meeting. if you’ve just implemented okr, you should send a follow-up message to team members before the meeting, asking them if they’ve understood the contents of the meeting and how they should prepare. before heading into this meeting, we need to align on the work that has been done prior to it being held. you should already know: by knowing these, we can focus on the purpose of this exact meeting type; making sure we reflect on last week’s work, including what we achieved and what we didn’t (and why), and presenting what we’ll focus on this week to move closer to reaching our objectives.

after the meeting is done, team members start their week and begin working on their tasks for the week. presenting to the rest of the team what you’ll work on is easy, but actually writing it down for everyone to see is something else. this should of course be done in a muted slack channel, or somewhere else where it doesn’t disturb anyone. this could also easily be done in a project management tool, preferably before the okr meeting, so that team members have gone through the exercise of thinking one extra time about the things they’re about to present to the rest of the team. meetings can be tough. so as a team leader or manager, you should think a lot more about preparation and the agendas of the meeting. we hope this post helped you gain a better overview of how to think about the meeting structure of the weekly okr meeting and how you can achieve the most with it.