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oac meeting agenda template is a oac meeting agenda sample that gives infomration on oac meeting agenda design and format. when designing oac meeting agenda example, it is important to consider oac meeting agenda template style, design, color and theme. effective oac meetings can improve communication and problem-solving, and help ensure projects are built to the required quality standards. oac meetings should happen throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project and should be adjusted to meet the unique needs of pre-construction, construction and closeout. topics should be prioritized so that the most important ones are covered first, when people will be more focused and are sure to have plenty of time. the other attendees should review the agenda before the meeting so they are familiar with the topics, have completed all action items from the last meeting, and know if they need to bring particular documents or information.

oac meeting agenda overview

the topics covered at an oac meeting depend on what phase of construction the project is at and the nature of the project. most topics and issues brought up at the meetings end with someone being assigned a task to address or resolve it. however, a well-run, deliberate oac meeting can save an immense amount of time and money, while also minimizing one of the things nobody wants on construction projects: surprises. our connected global construction platform unites all stakeholders on a project with unlimited access to support and a business model designed for the construction industry.

construction oac meetings provide a forum and opportunity for the project team to discuss and review issues related to the design intent of the architect, construction means and methods of the contractor, and the owner’s budget and expected delivery of the construction project by the contractor. the owner paul, architect larry, and contractor jim all arrived on time, ready to discuss the progress and current state of their construction project. the owner realized they needed to take a more active role and provide clearer guidance on project goals and priorities in the future. the construction oac meetings continued to be a productive forum for communication and collaboration.

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here are a few recommendations: contractor responsibilities: the contractor should take responsibility for creating and delivering a meeting agenda to both the owner and architect well in advance of any oac meetings. the advantage for the architect is that they have a stable and predictable source of income. in the end, the decision on how to account and bill for oac meetings depends entirely on the needs, preferences, and agreement between the owner and architect. without the architect present to discuss potential solutions, the contractor is left to make a decision on their own, leading to costly and time-consuming delays.