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morning huddle agenda template is a morning huddle agenda sample that gives infomration on morning huddle agenda design and format. when designing morning huddle agenda example, it is important to consider morning huddle agenda template style, design, color and theme. in my book, scaling up, i cover four different types of meetings every organization should regularly have to address communication challenges and make important decisions for scaling up the organization. meeting rhythms provide several touch points for people in the company to stay updated on important projects and goals. this meeting should be short – 15 minutes is the optimal length – to avoid wasting unnecessary time and ensuring that only the most important issues are brought up. follow this 6-part guideline to masterfully execute the daily huddle in your organization and reap the rewards.part 1: timingchoose whatever time best fits the rhythm of your business. make sure you always start the meeting on time, whether everyone is present or not.part 2: settingmeet wherever you want, but stand up or perch on stools.

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that’s true even if only 10 to 15 participants do most of the sharing.part 4: frequencyin general, frontline employees will be in only one daily huddle, and anyone in management will be in two: one with their direct reports and one with their peers and leader.part 5: who runs the meetingpick someone who is naturally structured and to keep meetings running on time. the person running the meeting also has the important job of saying, “please take it offline” whenever people get off on a tangent that doesn’t require everybody’s attention. look for patterns and trends which can give you a jump on the competition and on your own challenges.the last five minutes is the most important agenda item. the brutal facts need to be shared, and the leader needs to see the patterns of “stucks” to understand what underlying issues must be addressed. for a practical way to learn how to apply this concept into your current business while getting mentorship, peer-to-peer feedback, and customized support as you implement, check out my scaling up master business course here. yet, the bridge between startup and million-dollar company is a tough one to cross and can leave many business leaders…

the daily huddle gives you and your team a way to maintain a focus on safety, day by day, such as by reviewing the use of the surgical safety checklist.1 it provides a setting to look back at the previous day’s work to review safety performance and to look ahead to patients scheduled for the day by allowing you to flag safety concerns proactively. level 2: you have a standing written agenda for your huddle that enables you to efficiently review safety performance of previous day and anticipate issues in the current day. for one day: can we huddle for no more than 10 minutes at the start of the day to look back and look ahead to assure safe procedures?

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measures of the pdsa success: (1) ready to run daily huddle tomorrow and (2) at least one suggestion from team to improve. use the opportunity to report on and reinforce the use of the “concern-uncomfortable-safety event” (cus) tool if you are using this approach. review is faster and easier to reference during the shift if there is a table that lists the patients and safety issues on a visual display board. rockville, md: agency for healthcare research and quality, may 2016. harnish v. mastering the daily and weekly executive meeting.