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monthly staff meeting template is a monthly staff meeting sample that gives infomration on monthly staff meeting design and format. when designing monthly staff meeting example, it is important to consider monthly staff meeting template style, design, color and theme. when you bring your team together for a full day (if you’re a leadership team), or maybe a half day a month, the purpose of that interaction is really to look for ways to not be working in the business. we’re not looking at anything systemic to make our team or our business more effective – that’s why you want to have this monthly meeting. so if the objective is to increase the capability, capacity, resilience or agility of our business, what are some of the things that belong in a monthly business builder meeting? in general, the business builder time horizon should be pulled out to something like a year to 18 months of thinking about your business.

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those are things that, hopefully if you truly have a strategy, are the things that you’re doing to increase the capability, capacity, resilience and agility of your business. you want to structure your meeting with lots of time to go deep on a variety of topics. a fifth thing you want to do is to evaluate the quality of a weekly meeting. having a small number of topics means you can spend one to two hours per topic and focus on things to increase the capability, capacity, resilience or agility of your business. here’s my tips on how to have a really great weekly operational meeting.

but before looking at how to run these sessions, here are sample agendas for a few of the more common types of team meetings. this is a change not just to share information, but tap into the skills and knowledge of your team to overcome challenges. for your first meeting, you’ll want to focus on big themes, setting forth a vision and expectations so that the team knows where they are headed. but if you want to extract every ounce of value out of your team meetings, you need an effective meeting strategy. by preparing the agenda early, there’s more time to circulate it for review which gives attendees a chance to prepare themselves for your talking points. a note on agenda design: keep in mind that the above items are the minimum requirements for what you should include on a staff meeting agenda.

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here’s a quick quiz to make sure it’s worth everyone’s time: the way you start a team meeting sets the tone. try to provide updates and explanations in advance of the meeting so that you can use your time to discuss next steps and decisions about that information instead. in rare cases, you may hold a meeting that’s solely meant to inspire or educate with no specific action items. but at the very least, you should document everyone’s action items that arose out of the meeting on the agenda. ask for your team’s opinions on meeting frequency and content, solicit meeting ideas, and find out what is most valuable about the meetings to your team. so whether you’re onboarding a new employee or conducting a performance review, you’ll find a free agenda that works for you on our meeting templates page. plus, grab 3 free agenda templates for team meetings.

to be effective, staff meetings should have a detailed agenda, a time limit and a designated moderator. for best results, hold regularly scheduled meetings to ensure staff accountability and participation. to be effective, staff meetings should have a detailed agenda, a time limit and a designated moderator. other objectives for things that might be covered at a staff meeting include: staff meetings can also be used for brainstorming sessions or for team-building activities. you might have an “all staff” meeting for the entire company, a quick “check-in” between supervisors and direct reports, or “huddles” for brief, strategic debates for rapidly evolving issues. getting together with colleagues and managers provides an opportunity to meet outside the confines of an office or cubicle.

how often you schedule staff meetings depends on your purpose, but having a regular meeting on the books is helpful for planning purposes. small groups may be able to meet weekly and accomplish a great deal; large groups may be better served by meeting each quarter. another way to ensure staff meetings are effective, short and sweet is to conduct stand-up meetings. regularly scheduled staff meetings can create a sense of inclusion among staffers, provide access to upper-level managers and make everyone feel like they’re part of a cohesive team. if you feel your meetings lack focus or are lacking a specific objective, get input from your staff about changes they’d like to see incorporated. lisa mcquerrey has been an award-winning writer and author for more than 25 years.