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attendees can switch back and forth from the zoom or microsoft teams meeting to your accessible screen share anytime they want. ready to make your online meetings fully accessible? the scribe for meetings app runs during the presentation, monitors the information being displayed in the meeting, and sends information about the on-screen content to the scribe cloud service. presenters can optionally provide the content of a presentation for later offline viewing in alternate formats. using our augmented document remediation technology, scribe for meetings can convert your presentation into eight different accessible formats in over 140 different languages: scribe’s augmented document remediation technology has seen an average 96% accuracy, as reported by our users and internal testing.

ask the people holding the meeting to send you a sample of previous minutes so you can get across the subject matter (and style of minutes). ask them to send you all the documentation that will be tabled and/or referred to during the meeting, and give it a quick read. ask for a copy of previous minutes so you can see how detailed (or basic) your minutes need to be. before i learned to insist on regular breaks, i sometimes scribed verbatim transcripts and minutes of day-long meetings without sufficient breaks. when you are asked to scribe the meeting, find out how long it is expected to take. if it is going to take more than a couple of hours explain to the organiser  you’ll need at least a 15-minute break every two hours, and for all-day meetings you’ll need a half-hour break in the middle of the day.

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for example, if you don’t know the name of the person who has seconded a motion,  you can whisper a question to your ‘go to’ person and they will tell you. depending on your laptop battery type, you may need to plug your laptop into a power-point before or during the meeting. in any case, always advise the organiser to make sure you have safe access to a power-point while scribing. dress appropriately so you don’t freeze or overheat in the meeting room. you should be sitting at your laptop ‘ready to go’ 5-10 minutes before the meeting commences. when the meeting commences, you literally won’t have time to scratch yourself, or to make sure what you type has accuracy when it comes to spelling or punctuation.

however, this article is not meant to discuss the importance of taking good notes. if it is an internal meeting, then this is as simple as defining who the driver is and making sure everybody knows. if you are the driver, then it is absolutely necessary for you to send the agenda for the meeting 24 hours beforehand. no matter what role you are playing in the meeting, it is your job to review all of the agenda items and come prepared to the meeting. if, during the meeting, you realize that the information is not correct, then it can be removed or easily updated. as the scribe, it is important not to be too bashful during the meeting.

if there are action items discussed, make sure to highlight these so that they can be included in the “action items” section at the bottom of the page when you send the finalized notes. after the meeting it is time to clean up the notes and send them off to everybody. this is because every minute that passes is a minute for the information to be forgotten. you cannot, i repeat: cannot, trust that everybody is going to read you’re the notes. you need to send them in email, and it is important that they be in the body of the email. this feedback is private to you and won’t be shared publicly.