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meeting roster template is a meeting roster sample that gives infomration on meeting roster design and format. when designing meeting roster example, it is important to consider meeting roster template style, design, color and theme. enable attendance reports to view and download important attendance details during and after your meeting. your admin needs to turn on this feature to make it available. participants can decide whether they want their information shown in attendance reports by going to settings > privacy in teams and turning the identify me in attendance reports toggle on or off. in channel meetings, the attendance report is available only for the most recent meeting from the channel, but you can go to the meeting invite page in teams calendar for all channel meeting attendance reports. a tile labeled attendance report will pop into the chat about five minutes after your meeting ends. note: for recurring meetings, you’ll receive a unique attendance report after each occurrence.

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you will not see the tile in meeting chat for meetings with less than 2 attendees. to view the attendance reports for meetings created in channels, click more actions > view meeting details, and navigate to the attendance tab. in meetings with more than 120 participants, the attendance report that’s available during the meeting will only include a partial list of attendees. if a channel meeting is in progress and someone starts a second meeting within the same channel conversation, an attendance report will be available only for the second meeting. you can go to the attendance tab in the teams calendar invite for all channel meeting attendance reports. view attendance reports directly in the microsoft teams mobile app to gain insight into your meetings and webinars.

this paper discusses the socialising function of training meetings and the role it may play in trust development, as intangible resource within and inter-organisations. as part of a broader empirical research to explore the functions meetings may play for the participants, based on 978 meetings hold in the context of a project implemented in six countries, 106 training meetings were analysed to respond to the research question “what meanings do participants attribute to the training meetings they attend?”. the contribution of this research is to bring this dimension to the fore and explore its role in knowledge sharing/creation and trust development for enhancing intellectual capital (ic).

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the effectiveness of training meetings in terms of the time invested, or the achievement of objectives in knowledge transfer, are important, but may not be the only factors to be considered when organising a training meeting. further research should be conducted on what factors influence the perceived meanings-functions of training meetings, also related to trust, considering different organizational and cultural environments. the training course on merci dealt with learning to use the computer-supported co-operative work system as a prerequisite for computer-mediated collaboration. the training course produced experiences and knowledge about usin merci for collaboration and preliminiary user-requirements.